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Welcome to the Prayer Request Page.

The Prayer Request Form has been removed due to internet abuse.

Please know that the intention of your heart is still heard and that prayers are offered daily for all who come to this page with a sincere request for prayer.


See below for a message from Denean and a special prayer song.

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Help Me Song

Thank you for visiting this prayer request section of my website.  This is not an original song that I have composed, but rather, a song given to Jerome LeBeaux, a Lakota Sun Dance leader, by a star spirit (hoksila iyoyanpa) who came to earth to help him along his human journey in the loss of his mother.


I have only heard it referred to as "The Help Me Song". This recording is not for sale and is intended simply as a prayer that I share with you.  For all of my Lakota maske (friends), please know that I have Jerome's personal blessing for this song to be on my website.


In this recording I took a creative approach by adding harmonies, which is not something traditionally done.  I am also using the feminine wording which is slightly different from the masculine version.


The words and translation are:


Tunkasila                         Grandfather (All that comes before)

Unsimalaye                      Have compassion for me

Unsimalaye                      Have compassion for me

Omakiyaye                      Help me


Takuwakan                      All that is sacred

Unsimalaye                     Have compassion for me

Omakiyaye                      Help me

Omakiyaye                      Help me


I invite you to listen to this song as you align with the true intention of your heart in your request for prayer.  Use this song to strengthen your faith that your prayers are heard and are being answered.  Know that it is a song used in offering prayers on your behalf.


Mitakuwe Oyas'in,