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is dedicated to my mother in honor of her capacity

to nourish and her unwaivering faith in my musical abilites."  Denean



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In the video above Denean shares her experience of the Holy Mother's presence during the recording of this most beautiful and sacred song.  The instrumental version (also heard in the video) is available on Denean's Christmas album.

"Denean's 'Ave Maria' is as much a prayer and affirmation as it is a song rich with vocal power and instrumentation.  Her work speaks to the soul.  It can be enjoyed as music or as a tool for meditation and well being."   GARY COOK, ACADEMY HEAD, VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS, UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO-TAOS.

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Ave Maria: Written by Johann Sebastian Bach

and Charles Gounod,  Public Domain

(c) (p) Arrangement by Denean/Sacred Earth Music,

BMI 2005/2006  

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