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Honoring all that is sacred, including Grandmother Earth and including ourselves.

Includes Children of the Seventh Generation, Joy Dancing, Divine Holy Breath, Unci Maka and many others.


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Total Album Length:  1:11:11



June 8th, 2012 concert at the Maagan Michael Kibbutz, Israel. The song is "I Have Found My Rightful Place".  Would love it if you subscribed to my YouTube channel.  Thank you :-)



What fan's are saying:

"Denean has such a beautiful voice I enjoy hearing the songs she does. Many of my friends and co-workers that do energy work use her music during their sessions. I would recommend this CD to anyone that loves good music and is open to the various genres."  ~Maggie


"Love Denean, her Lakotan lyrics soft girlish voice. Etc. Very spiritual, calming. The wolves calling and the thunder and rain sounds are awesome. I highly recommend!" ~earthdancer2003

"I have been collecting Denean's music for about twenty years and can honestly say each is as good as the ones before it!"  ~Robyn Hunter

"The CD was excellent. Denean has a beautiful voice and heartfelt love of the American Tradition. I love all her music."

~Patricia Molyneux



CALLING THE SACRED is a prayer for the times...a prayerful intention for the return to joy and a celebration for living life joyfully!  Denean takes us with her to the realm of spirit to dance and pray with the thunder beings, the eagle people, the wolf people and the angelic realm.  Calling The Sacred honors all that is sacred, including Grandmother Earth and including ourselves.



"In the creation of "CALLING THE SACRED", Denean has taken years of instruction in Lakota music and language to a sacred space.  I hear the angels and sacred beings that communicate with our world through her vocals and musical arrangements in this new work.  I recommend "CALLING THE SACRED" to any individual who wants a little help touching one's own sacred being.  It is a breath of fresh air and a good dance with the divine."  HOWARD P. BAD HAND - A Lakota Song Man, Spiritual Teacher and Sun Dance leader.

Song List:

1. Calling the Sacred / 2. I Send My Prayer / 3. Great Spirit, I Ask For Relations / 4. Look Upon It /

5. Segue 1 / 6. Wakinyan Thank You Song / 7. Segue 2 / 8. Sacred Being of Light / 9. Segue 3 /

10. Children of the Seventh Generation / 11. Calling the Sacred Spoken Prayer / 12. Divine Holy Breath /

13. I Have Found My Rightful Place / 14. Joy Dancing / 15. Let the Rains Come Down / 16. Segue 4 / 17. Unci Maka /

18. Segue 5 / 19. Angels Gather Near Me Now / 20. Calling the Sacred Flute Solo / 21. Wanikiya

(c) (p)  2008 Denean

Sacred Earth Music, BMI

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