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"Reikidama™" comes from the word "Reiki" and the word "Kotodama.  Kotodama is a Reiki  practice  lesser known to the western world of Reiki.  Kotodama means "word spirit" or "jeweled words".  In the Usui form, these are particular sounds associated with each of Reiki symbols.


On my Reiki path, it has always been Reiki guiding the way.  Though I make no claims to know the traditional practice of kotodama, when I heard the sacred sounds, Reiki began to show me how to put them together as a new creation for healing.  As I began to record, I would be shown what was to come next.  One particularly interesting note is that no where in the recording of Reikidama™ was the word "Reiki" used...only the sounds for the symbols.  It wasn't until the following day after recording the Reikidama™ chant that I realized you can hear the word "Reiki" all the way through it.


Reikidama™ is a combination of teaching, meditation and music. 


The heart of this particular CD is the Reikidama™ chant.  It is recorded as a 30 minute piece for meditation and healing.  Also included are the songs "Spiral", "Hands of Dancing Light" and a Hatsurei-ho Meditation Practice which is approximately 13 minutes in length.  Although you can use these pieces together or separately as is appropriate to your need, you will find it greatly benefical to do them together.  As you listen to Reikidama™, contemplate in your mind that for which you need or want healing, and allow the Reiki energy to vibrate within you.  Allow your being to entrain and synchronize with this healing energy.






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Reikidama™ (Healing with Sound & Symbol) is an audio/visual  Reiki mantra for attuning, healing and blessing created especially for you!

I have created this as a place that you can come and receive healing Reiki energy whenever you need it.  Reikidama™  (Healing with Sound & Symbol)  is a combination of the Reikidama™ sacred sound chant and the Reiki symbols creating an audio/visual mantra.

The full 30 minute version of the Reikidama™ chant is available on the Reikidama™ Audio CD.  I have also included the Antahkarana healing symbol in the video as it enhances any healing method.



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I would like to pay special tribute to the work of Vincent P. Amador, who has made such an invaluable contribution to the Reiki community over the years through his

Reiki Plain and Simple Manuals.

Note: These web archives can be very slow to load. Patience:-)

Thank you Vinny.

Many Reiki Blessings to You,




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