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Thunder sounds of Lakota influence and is often listed in the Native American Music section when looking for Indian music online.  However, Denean likes to make the distinction that she considers her music an expression of her experiences with Native American music, spirituality and culture.  Although of some Native American ancestry herself, Denean makes this distinction out of respect for the culture’s rich traditional music and spiritual heritage.  The song Sundancer, a favorite by many is included in this Thunder album.


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"Denean purports the ability to create songs that are both spiritual and pop-like---doing so successfully.  Denean, still loyal to her soul and her music, radiates with true musicianship."--CHRISTOPHER EXNER, THE EDGE



"Denean's emotionally reverent songs flow as deeply as the oceans and fly as high as the eagles. A touching tribute to the earth, elements, Great Spirit and the heart of man."   CAROL WRIGHT, NAPRA REVIEW 



"Denean's Thunder continues a tradition of bringing forth the essence of Native American perspective and wisdom"  ALAN HUTNER, TRANSITIONS RADIO



   "...this is powerful music!"  BIG JOHN LIBYNSKI-KIKO RADIO- ARIZONA

Total Album Length:  47:26

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Jeannie Antcliff's story about squirrels listening to Thunder:

Denean! Monty and I are camp-hosting/maintenance couple at Shower's Point Campground at 8,000 ft. on Mt.Lemmon, NE of Tucson. We were having a campfire and listening to Thunder outside when the squirrels started to come out of the woods and just sat and listened with their heads tilted!!!! For a long time!! We are so greatful that you share your creative talent and beautiful voice for all of creation!!!!! We wanted you to know! We feel so blessed to have you and your music in our lives!!!!

Love, Bo Beanie

Song List:

  1. Children's Dawn Blessing / 2. There Burns the Flame / 3. Sundancer / 4. Parnie's Song /

5. Thunder / 6. Grandmother's Heart / 7. Tunkasila / 8. In Spirit's Realm / 9. Butterfly Concerto /

10. Turning Point / 11. Let There Be Peace.

(c) (p) Denean / Sacred Earth Music, BMI