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Sheet Music for "To the Children" from The Weaving Now Available on!!


Angels Calling Me - Denean 432 hz Music Video





Healing music for meditation and relaxation, inspired by Denean's relationship and experiences angels,

(in particular the Angel of Music, Israfel) and with Native American music, spirituality and culture.

Featuring the popular "Angels Calling Me" by Denean

(both the full length version and the hauntingly beautiful slower segue version.)



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Total Album Length:  64:38


"Ravishing...Lyrically Luxurious...Enthusiastically Recomended"-CAROL WRIGHT-NAPRA REVIEW

"Haunting and otherworldly, The Weaving showcases Denean's silken voice and musical album for those who want something more from their music, something which reflects the higher personal and spiritual values they have made a part of their lives." RHONDA DICKSION- THE NEW TIMES.


"The Weaving is an extraordinary hour long listening experience...a first rate album to be listened to over and over again."  JACK CLARKE- PHENOMENEWS

Note: The song "Angels Calling Me" is  featured  on  a  beautiful Hubble Space Telescope Presentation that has become quite popular on the internet.  I have added it to my website for your enjoyment!




Song List:

1. Introduction / 2. To the Children / 3. Ray of Love / 4. Angels Calling Me / 5. Dance of the Winged Ones /

6. The Weaving / 7. Angels Calling Me (segue) / 8. Walking Gently Walking / 9. Dawn of Kosmon /

10. We Are One / 11. "Eagle Fly" Segue / 12. Eagle Fly / 13. The Return / 14. Closing



(c) (p) Denean / Sacred Earth Music BMI