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TAO/MITAKUWE OYAS'IN  Vol. 1 (April - May 2006 Issue) 


From Denean:  What is Faith?

Affirmation Prayer

Health and Healing News: Sound and Healing

Current News & Announcements: A note from Denean on her current activities 

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What Is Faith?

Faith is knowing that what you pray for from the heart of your being is taking place now. 

It is understanding that you are one with that which you have faith in...

so it must be!

Desire, on the other hand, is placing that which you pray for outside of yourself

as something you are reaching for.  This separates you from God.

It is a position of "not having", so it creates that same lack

and obstructs you from that which you desire.

The prayers of faith are for the broader understanding of what is

right and good;  peace, harmony, justice, and wisdom...

Faith Is A Receptive State.

When our prayer is from desire, we move into trying to  "make God be God", with a

belief that if we pray more, or harder...that we will make it happen.

Faith accepts "what is" without resistance,

knowing that the highest good is taking place now,

no matter what appearances may seem to say differently.

Faith accepts in humility.

Faith receives in humility, surrendering any opposition, argument, or conflict.

It understands from a place of beingness...intuitive...receptive.

Real Faith Is

The Alignment Of The Soul With Its Source.

The Challenge: In the transition from desire to faith, certain discipline of mind is required. 

You must watch your thoughts carefully and determine if you are operating in your daily life from the position of desire...or faith. 

A disturbed mind and unsettled emotions are your indicators for desire/fear (flip sides of the same coin). 

Quiet, wordless,  self-contained joy, seeking nothing and content with everything...a still, calm your indicator of real faith.

Do not get into a battle with your mind, however.  You cannot fix the mind with the mind. 

Only stillness..."no thought" can fix the mind.  Just become aware and accept the

"knowing" of faith.  The mind and emotions will do their thing.  Let them. 

Just watch and accept, yet know that you are much more than

your intellect and emotions.  The real "you" is your God Self. 

Align with this as the greater Truth.

This discernment between emotion and truth is a critical and necessary

crossroads.  It is the pivotal point in the choice for virtue..."through the eye of a

needle, someone once said..." ( When It's All Said and Done:  from The Farmer's Daughter album )

For so long we have operated from emotion, believing it to be who we are...expressing our identity of ourselves from it.

It's time to become aware that we are something vastly greater.


When we align our soul with its source, we come to understand ourselves as spiritual beings living in an organic temple. 

From this place we come to know ourselves as Sacred and Holy Beings of Light...

and here we begin to understand our Divine Nature. 

Allow Faith to disassemble the resistance and obstruction

in your conditioning and genetic memory,

that you may experience the

harmonious flow of Life!

I encourage you to take these words beyond just a quick "read through" in the course of a busy day filled with

activities, phone calls, e-mails, etc.  Find some quiet time to create inner "sacred space" for yourself.

Soft music can help... Breath of Angels  perhaps, if you already have it.

Calm your mind, relax your body, and connect your being to God as you understand it.

From this place, align your soul with its source...

Below I have written a prayer of affirmation you can use that may help.



Affirmation Prayer

That which holds the stars and planets in their rightful place created me...and flows through me now.

I am one with this Universal Spirit.  My very breath is evidence of its presence animating my me life!

From this place of oneness with all that is, I speak this word of Truth...

I now release all that no longer serves my highest good.  I let it go.

I willingly surrender all that obstructs my path to peace. 

I know now that this takes place in a way that allows

natural, calm, balanced unfoldment toward my

harmonious alignment with the Divine.  

I let it be so.

I pause now and experience the energy of this word I have set in motion...

I now accept and attract into my experience that which is 

for my highest good.  I now accept and embrace my path

to peace.   I know that this takes place in a way that

allows natural, calm, balanced unfoldment toward

my harmonious alignment with the Divine.

I let it be so.

I accept now the consciousness of real faith,

that I may live my life as a Sacred Being of Holy Light...

for I am one with the Divine Source from which I came.

I pause now and experience the energy of this

word I have set in motion...

I give thanks, knowing that this is so...

And so it is...Amen...

Mitakuwe Oyas'in (translation: all of my relations included)

Health and Healing News:  Sound and Healing

The universe is made up of vibration...universal rhythm...and we are a part of that rhythm.  On the level of quantum mechanics, it is understood that our bodies are in fact mere vibrations of energy that have taken on the appearance of solidity.  If our bodies are "out of synch" with this universal rhythm, we experience discomfort or disease.

Music and sound can entrain our body's rhythms with the universal rhythm.  Research shows that music can influence heart rate, brain waves, blood pressure, stomach contractions and levels of hormones associated with stress.  Endorphins are also responsive to music, creating chemical changes in the body.


Toning causes vibration of the cells in the body.  By literally "shaking up" the cells,

they begin to re-synchronize themselves with the universal rhythm. 

This promotes healing and restored balance.

Healing music works in the same way, as certain frequencies help

"harmonize"  the body, envoking the chemical responses that bring balance,

relieve stress, and open us to higher states of awareness.

Breath of Angels  was specifically created with this in mind.  

It's intention is to further the listener to inner quiet, calming the

"frantic mind" that keeps us bound to the ego self where we

experience ourselves as separate from God. 

It Is Through Inner Quiet That We Align Our Soul With Its Source.

My Current News

I am presently working on an album project that has been "my baby" now for a few years. I took some time off over recent years to study computer audio programs; audio engineering; to create my own studio; and write and record Breath of Angels...all gearing towards this project. This album is a return to Native influences but in a new way.  I'll tell you more as it develops!  It is still possibly a year away before it's completion. But who knows, sometimes these things can come together faster than you think. I find that each project takes on a life of its own, including how it comes together.  I also have a few smaller projects that may happen along the way.


Because of the immensity of the "new foundation" I am laying for the future, I have not been making public appearances for awhile.  I will keep you posted as I make the transition back into the world.


I will be on spiritual sabbatical during certain weeks this summer for Native American ceremony and ritual.  You are invited to leave any prayer requests for yourself or others by filling out the Prayer Request form I have just added to the website.  Let everyone know whom you think this might bring benefit to.  Although I will not be able to respond back to all the requests individually, please know that your prayers will be taken into the circle of these most sacred ceremonies.  Hold the attitude of faith that your prayers are heard and are being answered now.  Click on the Prayer Request button below if you wish to go to the form now:

Thank you for your continued support of this website as a vehicle to nourish the spirit of the people.

Mitakuwe Oyas’in (Translated "All My Relations Included"),

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