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TAO/MITAKUWE OYAS'IN  Vol. 10 (October-November 2007 Issue) 


From Denean:  Clarity: Seeing with the "I" of I AM

Affirmation Prayer

This Issue's Featured Song: "Open Awareness" 

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Clarity: Seeing with the "I" of I AM

A New Paradigm of Self (JOY): "A quiet, contented heart; wordless, self-contained joy...seeking nothing from without...resting content with everything."  (I Ching)  ...a paradigm of knowing oneself as whole...and Holy...identifying so completely with the wholeness of ones own spirit that we are completely at ease in this truth.

"When the light principle is bound to the shadowy, there are many doubts and scruples that interfere with joyousness" (I Ching)

True joy comes when we rest contentedly within the knowing of our own wholeness. The shadowy can be anything that places God outside of ourselves--a perception of an external God sets up a paradigm that God has it and you do not.  So you are praying to God to get what you do not have.  Without faith, we are simply perpetuating the experience of not having, because this is what we are affirming as being so.  Since in truth, you are in God and God is in you, you can never truly be separate.

The "I" in "I am that I am" is the true Divine Self from within us speaking forth.  We set the creative forces in motion everytime we say "I am___________________".   You fill in the blank with what it is that you know yourself to be.

Look at this very carefully.  For in truth, this is the prayer you are uttering as you go about your day "doing life".  We think of prayer as something we stop and do with intention, which of course, we should do.  But the truth is: "Life IS a prayer"

We are affirming our life with every thought, every word, every attitude, and every deed.  This is what you affirm to be so...what you are actually putting your faith in,  and how God is responding from within you as well as around you.  This is the "word" of God coming from you as you determine it.  It is how you are choosing to use the power of God for your life.

You are the microcosmic version of creation itself.  The mysteries and wonders of the cosmos are in every cell, tissue and fiber of your being:  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

So, if we perceive ourselves as being separate from God...if we pray for an external God to save us from ourselves, (without any faith that that very God Source is working through us to answer our prayers) then all we create is more separation because we are affirming our lack and separateness.


Prayers of supplication to God, (ie asking for help) are not the problem here, however. The problem is lack of faith. This lack of faith is what separates us from the very Source of our own being.  The answers to our prayers do not happen "to us" but rather "through us".  We must be an active part of our own healing process.


We must pay attention to the subtle energies underlying the words we speak.  For instance, if we ask God to help us, but then continue in our thought processes, attitude and behavior to affirm our separation and lack, then the actual prayer we are setting in motion is toward the lack and separation!

If, on the other hand, we speak our word from a place of knowing, with faith in this greater power that is operating through us, we will begin to see the unfoldment of our prayer through our own experience.


What you know to be true, will be reflected in your experience as so!  So the question we must ask ourselves is "What do I hold to be true?"  What are you affirming through your inner world that is being reflected as your outer experience?

All this being said,  the simplest step we can take right now is to turn our attention and focus away from the "problem" we have just identified.  (It is important to recognize the problem.  But the solution is never in trying to fix the problem.  The solution is always in shifting our focus to a new paradigm.)

A New Paradigm of Self (JOY):


"A quiet, contented heart; wordless, self-contained joy... seeking nothing from without...resting content with everything."(I Ching)...a paradigm of knowing oneself as whole and Holy...identifying so completely with the wholeness of ones own spirit that we are completely at ease in this truth. 


True joy comes when we rest contently within the knowing of our own wholeness.

Sit for a moment, close your eyes...and simply breathe...

The following will be our Affirmation Prayer.

Find some quiet time to create inner “sacred space” for yourself.     

Soft music can help…"Passage to the Earth Mother" (from Fire Prayer) perhaps, if you already have it. 

Calm your mind, relax your body, and connect your being to God as you understand it.

I encourage you to daily read this slowly, speaking it out loud if you can. 

Allow spaces of silence between each phrase of affirmation, accepting with

humility and faith that the word you speak is taking place now.



I Am That I Am

Speaking now from this place of wholeness:

Coming into the understanding now that wholeness...all that God is...

is not dependent  on what I have or what I do not have in this world of form.

It is not dependent on whether I have help or support in this moment

in the physical realm or not.

Here, I am recognizing and aligning now with the wholeness of Spirit...

The wholeness of God that I am!

So in this place...the heart of the sacred mystery...

in the cosmic soup of pure potentiality...

I understand now my part in the creation of my reality.

I am now receiving the conscious awareness that "I am"

In all that I set forth by my own intention

I align with the faith and knowing that it is manifesting in my reality now,

whether I can see it or not.

I am understanding that all the help, support, relationships, home, car...whatever it is,

are all just symbols in my organic world.

The wholeness of my spirit is never dependent on the symbols.

The wholeness of my spirit simply "is"...

always whole...never lacking...

This is who "I Am".

This wholeness is my true Divine Nature...

My True Divine Self.

I now set forth by my own word that when I speak this prayer, I will recall awareness...oneness.

I can always return to this place, seeing clearly that "I Am".

I set this forth now...and I set forth that the wiring in my brain, intellect, and emotional body--

all of these things of my body self--now align with the true Self.

I align with this true knowing to the

way of Divine Harmony and

true joy of life!

I align with love,


and nourishment.

Receiving and knowing with my whole being that all is well.

I align with the faith that this is taking place now.

I accept, heal, bless, and renew in this place of the Divine.

And so it is!


Mitakuwe Oyas'in

(We are all related)

This Issue's Featured Song:



From Breath of Angels 

This song will be available for listening until the next newsletter issue

(approx. December 1, 2007)

I picked this song because of the incredible experience I had in writing it.  Actually all of the songs on this album came in a "stream of consiousness" that I have never been able to adequately describe except that an energy of "stillness" was flowing through me as it happened...even in recording.


Open Awareness...quiet stillness frozen in the ever present now.


Current News & Announcements

My, its been a busy time, but very rewarding.  I've been recording and working on a new album that's been in the works for a while.  In addition to that, I recently learned of some Japanese Reiki Techniques using sacred sounds which is inspiring another new project...more on that a little later on! 


On Sunday, November 11th, 2007, I will be joining The Divine Fellowship of Richland, Washington for their 10th Year Anniversary Celebration.  I am very much looking forward to that :- ) 


Thank you for your continued support of this website as a vehicle to nourish the spirit of the people.

Mitakuwe Oyas’in (Translated "All My Relations Included"),

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