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TAO/MITAKUWE OYAS'IN  Vol. 15 (Aug-Sept 2008 Issue) 


From Denean:  The Heart of Prayer

This Issue's Featured Song:  "Passage To The Earth Mother"

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The Heart of Prayer

Recently I have spent much time in contemplation on prayers of supplication versus prayers of affirmation.  A prayer of supplication is generally thought of as asking a power greater than yourself for help.  A prayer of affirmation is one of recognizing the God within you and all around you, and speaking forth your word, in faith, knowing that you yourself are the expression of "the word" of God.  The affirmation prayers I include in each newsletter are examples of this.


 I also use the form of supplication which you may hear in many songs.  For instance, a song from the Thunder album called "Tunkasila".  "Tunkasila", in the Lakota language, means "Grandfather" or "all that has come before us".

In my contemplations, I looked at how the very act of praying to something seemingly outside of oneself could be a separation from God deep in the psyche and on an emotional level, even if you know the truth intellectually.

This of course was based on the kind of paradigm I grew up I'm sure many of you grew up with as well.  It is the paradigm from fundamental Christian belief systems that personalizes God as in the form of a being separate from and greater than ourselves, yet akin to human...complete with emotions, judgement and punishment. ie. "the wrath of God", "an angry God", a judging and punishing God when humans do something "wrong", and of course, "God is on our side".  Such beliefs have been the cause of wars for eons.

Knowing that the paradigm of Native American people is often quite different than what we may assume it to be from our own paradigm, I decided to ask a good friend who happens to be Lakota and a spiritual leader among his people.  As I suspected, to them Tunkasila is indeed all inclusive of their own being, so there is no sense of separation.  Of course, since the white man forced it's paradigm and religion upon Native people in more recent times, this may not be true for all Lakota.

One cannot pray to Tunkasila and truly know oneself as a part of Tunkasila

without recognizing that every being is a part of Tunkasila and a part of what we are praying from and to!

When you pray, you are praying to something greater than yourself...but you are also praying to that within yourself and to that within every other living being.  In truth, you are not isolated and separated from, but rather intricately connected with the greater whole...with everything that is.

Our tendancy is to ask for help, as though that help is coming from outside, to save us or fix us.  From such a paradigm of separtion we can lose the all important aspect of faith. Faith comes alive in the awareness of connectedness and the knowing that our prayer is taking place as we speak it!

I have seen this so many times in healing work, where the indiviudal expects the healer to fix them or save them without the understanding that true healing has to happen "through" them, not "to"'s an inside job!

All prayer, of course, has its effect on some level, with or without this understanding.  This is so because somewhere deep in one's being, the Truth is always wouldn't be alive otherwise!  So somewhere in the heart of every individual, beyond intellect and spiritual belief systems, beyond emotions, beyond cultural paradigms...the spirit knows...and the true intention of the heart is issued forth as an energy...a vibration that aligns with that same Truth all around them.

This is where music comes in. Music, as a means of Divine worship, creates a bridge between our deepest knowing and the world of the unseen.  Music is the language of Spirit and can bypass the obstructions of the egoic mind, helping us move into the awareness of our spiritual connection to all things...helping us to remember the source of life from which we came.

It's really not about elaborate and eloquent words at all, even though we may find these useful.  It is about the innermost intention and calling of our heart and spirit.  Through music we can connect to that place with no words at all...just the Divine Presence within our own being...the heart of prayer.


For this month's prayer I am asking that you go to the featured song below "Passage To The Earth Mother" from Fire Prayer.

You might want to let in load in completely before you begin.

As you listen, simply align your spirit to the chant and allow your prayer to come from within your own being...

no words are thoughts are needed...just let your very being be the prayer. 

You can chant  along with me if you like.  

Simply move away from intellectual processes and become the chant...

be the prayer!


Mitakuwe Oyas'in


This Issue's Featured Song:



This song will be available for listening until the next newsletter issue

(approx. October 1st, 2008)


When I went into the studio to record this piece many years ago, I had only the chord structure in mind to create an instrumental.  It's final form took place while recording.  We finished recording the music...and then the producer asked me to chant.  I hadn't done that before and had no idea what would come out of my mouth as I stepped up to the microphone.  It was first take, absolutely guided and directed by Spirit as it unfolded.  I simply stepped into the Presence and let the energy flow through me...the process itself was truly a blessing!


Current News & Announcements

Well, things are in motion for the re-release of Fire Prayer, The Weaving and Thunder!  I do not, as yet, know how long this is going to take, but the process in underway.  I am presently pulling together revised graphics layouts, etc.   All of this is  a process, however, and will take some time yet. 

Unfortunately, with all of this going on, it's delaying the mixing process for the new album a bit.  I do have the faith though, that it will all work out in it's right timing! 

Thank you for your continued support of this website as a vehicle to nourish the spirit of the people.

Mitakuwe Oyas’in (Translated "All My Relations Included"),

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