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TAO/MITAKUWE OYAS'IN  Vol. 16 (Oct-Nov 2008 Issue) 


Special Video Presentation: "Where Is Your Faith?"

From Denean:  Keeping Your Eyes On The Ball

This Issue's Featured Song:  "Thunder"

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This video presentaion includes an a cappella version of 'Walk In Balance' from the album Fire Prayer.  Since it fits so perfectly with the content of this newsletter, I decided to post it again here. Enjoy!


 Wiku (Sun Child Returning) 432hz album by Denean 


Keeping Our Eyes On the Ball

Ok, first of all, let us define what "the ball" is in this case.  For our purposes here, "the ball" is our faith in the Divine...the source of our being.  Now, more than ever, we are faced with a myriad of challenges that are testing that faith.


Like me, I'm sure those of you here in the states have received an array of emails from well-meaning friends and relatives regarding the upcoming presidential election.  Most of those emails are intended to scare us away from one or the other candidate.  Is it not just another form of instilling terror?


This isn't a platform for my personal political view.  My intention here is to help you keep your focus...

or refocus on the deeper spiritual truths.

It amazes me how easily people are buying into the untruths of these emails and basing their decisions purely from the emotional reactions to what they are reading.  I have investigated every one of such emails I have received and always find them to be false information.

I will give you a few examples here and links to the real story:

Email: Proposed tax increases by Obama:

Email: Obama refuses to salute the flag:

Email: Palin banning books:

Email: Obama removing the flag from his plane:

Someone informed me yesterday that if you google "obama voting record" or "mccain voting record",

you will find many websites with this information so you can make informed decisions for yourself.

Regardless of who you choose to vote for, investigate for the facts and most of all, put away the fear.

As I have said before...

"Is it in God we trust...or is it fear?"

...which brings us to our other current issue, the economic situation:

Once again the universe is pressing us hard on this one.  We really do have to get our priorities straight and keep our eye on "the ball" here.  As I have said in previous articles, one of the most important spiritual tools we can develop is that of discerning the difference between our emotions and the quiet light of  the intuition.


True intuitive guidance is always subtle and quiet.  It is always present within us, but tapping in requires us to lay aside the emotional mind chatter.  To find peace within ourselves requires us to make a commitment to what we stand with...Truth...or fear.

Our true source for everything we require is our Divine source.  This requires a faith...a knowing that this is so!  The illusion is the perception that the particular job (or wherever our money is coming from) is the SOURCE.  We limit the Universe's ability to flow in our lives when we block up that flow with FEAR!

Another point to remember is that you cannot fix the mind with the mind.  The Tao Te Ching (Stephen Mitchell translation) says "Stop thinking and end your problems."  In other words, the place to fix the mind and still the emotions is that place of "no thought"...bringing the mind to stillness.  When the mind is brought to stillness, the emotions will follow.  Do not force it, however...that brings unfavorable results!

Try a repetitive task as a tool.  For example, in preparing for Native American ceremonial rituals, one is often asked to make prayer ties.  These are little bundles of tobacco placed in about an inch square of cloth and tied consecutively to a string.  Sometimes one may be required to make hundreds of these depending on the ceremony.  One of the main purposes of this ritual is to quiet the mind and bring focus to one's prayer and true intention.

What we have covered here are just fingers pointing the to help you refocus.  It is up to you to apply them if they are to be of any use to you.

So let's recap:

*Self-examination...Is it in God that we trust or is it fear?

*Look for the facts-remember, there are plenty of people trying to sell you a "perception"

of the truth rather than the real thing!

*Develop the ability to discern the difference between emotions and intuition.

*When your mind is disturbed, remember that you cannot fix the mind with the mind. 

Go to the place of "no thought" to end your problems.

*Use a repetitive task as a tool to calm your mind.

I leave you with my blessing that these tools may help you to

keep your eye on "the ball" in these challenging times.

The following will be our Affirmation Prayer:

Find some quiet time to create inner “sacred space” for yourself.     

Soft music can help…Breath of Angels,  perhaps, if you already have it. 

Calm your mind, relax your body, and connect your being to God as you understand it.

I encourage you to daily read this slowly, speaking it out loud if you can. 

Allow spaces of silence between each phrase of affirmation, accepting with

humility and faith that the word you speak is taking place now.


Affirmation Prayer

To all that is sacred, I am related.

All that is sacred...I am!

One mind.

I am that I am!

Be still and know...

I am still...

I am the consciousness of stillness.

Every cell, every fiber of my being embodies this now.

In this stillness,

I know!

I know with utmost clarity, the truth of all things before me.

I cannot be deceived for I am that I am.

I am Truth...

and I know.

I set forth by my very word:

That the truth is revealed to me and to all beings for correct action,

correct decisions, and the ultimate manifestation of justice, which will allow

the healing and balance of ourselves, our country, our economy

and our relations with all other beings.

Through this healing and balance, I am nourished and blessed, knowing that I am safe and well.

I speak forth this word in faith...the faith expressed in knowing...and knowing that I know!

I experience this knowing in every cell, tissue and fiber of my being now.

I am...and I know...

I give thanks.

It is done.

Let it be so!


Mitakuwe Oyas'in

This Issue's Featured Song:



This song will be available for listening until the next newsletter issue

(approx. December 1st, 2008)


The beginnings of the song "Thunder" came from a dream I had in the summer of 1993.  Sometime later, the rest of the song came during an intense thunderstorm.  Thunder is the symbol of shock that brings quiet...the shock that releases tension.  I often speak of the stillness that is so needed now more than ever before.  It is important to know that at the center of thunder is the quiet calm.  Thunder is the height of movement, but within its total stillness.


I selected the song "Thunder" as the feature song because it so depicts the times we are in.  I knew, when this song was given to me, that it was foretelling a time that was coming.  We are here now.  The "house of cards" will fall.  It is inevitable that this happen for the shift that is needed to occur.  We can forestall it temporarily perhaps...but it is coming.  It is part of our birthing process into a new world and new reality.


Remember, "God comes forth in thunder".  These are not just lyrics for a song.  It is the natural order and it will be. So I ask you again, "Is it in God that you trust...or is it fear?



Current News & Announcements

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Well, a few things didn't go as planned lately and it left me scrambling to recover my files for the new album!  Short version, the main computer tried to rewrite the external drive (where my files were).  There were a few very stressful days in there where I thought I had lost a big part of this project.  But thanks to a program called NTFS Undelete (my computer angel), all is well again.  My grateful thanks to its creators. 


Thank you for your continued support of this website as a vehicle to nourish the spirit of the people.

Mitakuwe Oyas’in (Translated "All My Relations Included"),

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