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TAO/MITAKUWE OYAS'IN  Vol. 20 (June - July 2009 Issue) 


From Denean:  "The Weaving" Story

Affirmation Prayer

This Issue's Featured Song: "Angels Calling Me"

Current News & Announcements: New Release! Threads of a Greater Tapestry - A Live Musical Presentation

(This product has been discontinued.  However you can find a new recording of "Threads of a Greater Tapestry" on Denean's "Wiku" album.)

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"The Weaving" Story

In the last newsletter I told you that in celebration of the re-release of "Fire Prayer", "The Weaving", and "Thunder"I would take the time in each of the next three newsletters to tell you a little of the story behind each of those albums.

So in this newsletter, we will focus on "The Weaving".


I remember in writing the songs, that I was holding true to my creative process which was just to "show up" creatively, and let it happen.  I would not censor, but rather just create the music for its own sake, one song at a time, not looking at any particular outcome or anticipating "the next album".


There was a particularly interesting experience with "The Weaving" I would like to share with you. I had moved up to the mountains in Bailey, Colorado.  I lived in a little chalet that I just loved.  For some reason at this particular time in my life, I was having many of what people refer to as "out of body" experiences or astral travel.  It would happen at night and I would find myself soaring through the galaxy.  It was an awesome experience, but of course the moment you go "Oh, I'm not in my body"'re back in your body! LOL.  I'm not sure you ever really leave in the first place, but it certainly seems that way when it's happening!

Afterwards, usually about 3:00 am, I would get a gentle tap on my shoulder from the angelic realm, encouraging me to get up and go to my  piano...just to show up.  Sleepily I would complain a bit, but would make my way to the music room, which happened to be adjacent to my bedroom.  It still amazes me how the music would flow.  "Angels Calling Me" and "The Weaving"  came from those experiences.

"Dawn of Kosmon" is another interesting one.  That music practically haunted me for days before I sat down to attempt to play it.  I could hear it in my head but it was challenging to play at first.  I had become somewhat familiar with an old spiritual text called the "Oahspe".  "Kosmon" came from that.  "Dawn of Kosmon" is what kept coming into my mind.  I didn't know why...I just wrote the lyrics as quickly as they came without censoring.  Then I decided I should look this up just to be sure.  What I found was a chapter describing almost exactly what I had just written about and speaking of "The Dawn of Kosmon".

Another common experience during that time was Eagles coming and circling over where I lived.  I would go for walks and there they would be.  When I would play a particular piece I was working on at that time, they would show up and circle over the valley below, outside my upstairs window while I would play.  They seemed to be dancing, so I named the piece "Dance of the Winged Ones".


That beautiful valley behind my house was where I would go for walks.  Other songs would come while on those walks in nature...songs such as "Walking, Gently Walking", and "We Are One".

"Ray of Love" came in a meditation and "To The Children" just presented itself  while I was playing one day.  It came with a very specific energy as a prayer for children.  "Eagle Fly, But Don't Fly Away" was actually written while I was still in Nashville and during the "Fire Prayer" times, but it didn't really fit on that album.  In fact I wasn't sure it fit on "The Weaving" either, but every song eventually named its place and why it belonged there.

In my mind, I thought I would/should be creating another "Fire Prayer".  But I knew better than to get in my own way.  I began to realize that all of the other aspects of my musical creativity were surfacing with a call for their place in my present journey... elements of my classical training and background, my gospel upbringing and my country/pop time in Nashville...all a part of who I am.  And they were all a part of the tapestry that was beckoning to be woven... thus "The Weaving".


The ethereal parallel to this was the experience of angelic beings weaving their tapestry with threads of light!  Even in the studio, as I would sing, there would be this angelic light that would surround me.  Now, I don't know if anyone else in the studio was actually experiencing that too, but I certainly was.  "The Weaving" was a blessed experience I will never forget.



Since I just announced the new release, "Threads Of A Greater Tapestry - A Live Musical Presentation",  I would like to take just a moment to tell you about that.  "Threads Of A Greater Tapestry" was a live presentation and performance I did in 2001.  (This product has been discontinued.  However you can find a new recording of "Threads of a Greater Tapestry" on Denean's "Wiku" album.)


In this presentation, I told a bit of the story that has brought me to my present path with music and healing.  I haven't talked a lot about the abuse of that past, but I decided that sharing the story and its teaching might be beneficial to others.  I have no attachment to it and do not hold it as my identity.  It's more like when you have something old in your closet that's no longer useful to you.  It may become someone else's treasure.   If my story can help others then it becomes something beautiful, useful  and nourishing.

"Threads of a Greater Tapestry" is a long medley of songs from "Fire Prayer" woven into this newer creation with additional lyrics and a cosmic perspective of our purpose on this planet.

Click here if you would like to listen to a brief preview of "Threads Of A Greater Tapestry"

(This product has been discontinued.  However you can find a new recording of "Threads of a Greater Tapestry" on Denean's "Wiku" album.)

Thank you for allowing me to share a part of my journey with you...

Mitakuwe Oyas'in



The following will be our Affirmation Prayer.

Find some quiet time to create inner “sacred space” for yourself.     

Soft music can help…the "Dance of the Winged Ones" chant from "The Weaving",  perhaps, if you already have it. 

Calm your mind, relax your body, and connect your being to God as you understand it.

I encourage you to daily read this slowly, speaking it out loud if you can. 

Allow spaces of silence between each phrase of affirmation, accepting with

humility and faith that the word you speak is taking place now.

Affirmation Prayer

I am a thread of light.

I am the soul in the fabric of life!

I am forever weaving my Self.

Changing..changing...yet, forever never changing.

Light breathes me.  I breathe life.

Love lives me.  I live love.

I am never defined by circumstance or external.

The only thing that defines me is this Light that I am.

Looking now in my heart...

I see it!

It is true...

I am Light.

I am Love.

"God IS Love, and he who abides in Love, abides in God and God abides in him." John 4:16

God IS Love.

I abide in God because I am Love.

God abides in me because I am Love.

I Am The Tapestry...

Weaving...weaving...weaving...forever weaving.

I Am The Tapestry...

Weaving...weaving...weaving...forever weaving.

I bless this truth with my entire being!

It is so.

Amen, Amen, and Amen.

Mitakuwe Oyas'in

This Issue Featuring:

From  The Weaving   

This song will be available for listening until the next newsletter issue

(approx. August 1st, 2009)


"Angels Calling Me" just had to be the featured song in that I believe it has been the most heard and played over the years.  It remains one of my favorites too.  During the time of recording "The Weaving" I was also working with Disney as "Pocahontas" for that animated feature film. They came and sought me out for the part mainly from what they had heard on "Fire Prayer".   Although that completely changed (as Disney contracts often do) and someone else was the final "Pocahontas", it was still an awesome experience. The creative producers didn't want me to go, but higher up political "powers that be" had other plans. Even so, I treasured the experience of working with Alan Menken, Stephen Schwartz and many, many other super talented people that were involved with the project.


The main challenge I had was the vocal "marathon" of recording my album and flying to LA and NY to record with Disney at the same time!  Reflecting on that, however, I realize now that it was actually making my vocals and my overall energy stronger.


Current News & Announcements


Well, as I have already announced, I have a new release "Threads Of A Greater Tapestry - A Live Musical Presentation".  Just click on the link to check it out!  (This product has been discontinued.  However you can find a new recording of "Threads of a Greater Tapestry" on Denean's "Wiku" album.)


Also, CD's are now shipped directly from the manufacturer so for those of you who have ordered before, your packages will look a bit different when you receive it.


In just a few days I will be taking off for a couple of weeks for my yearly sabbatical where I will participate in Native American ceremony and ritual.  As I have said before, I extend to you that if you have any special prayer requests, you may use the Prayer Request form by clicking on this link or on the Prayer Request button below.  Your prayers will be taken into the circle of this most sacred ceremony.  Please hold an attitude of faith that the answers to your prayers and healing are taking place now.  Stay alert to any messages or dreams from Spirit that come to you during this time.  Please know that

whether you make a request or not, I will be holding each of you in my prayers especially during this time.

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Thank you for your continued support of this website as a vehicle to nourish the spirit of the people.

Mitakuwe Oyas’in (Translated "All My Relations Included"),

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