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TAO/MITAKUWE OYAS'IN  Vol. 22 (October-November 2009 Issue) 


From Denean:  Matters of the Heart

Affirmation Prayer: Healing Mantra

This Issue's Featured Song: "Reikidama"

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Matters of the Heart


I seem to always  predict my life somehow in the music I create.  After the completion of Calling the Sacred, I wondered how my life would unfold.  The theme and prayer throughout that album is about wanting to live and living life joyfully!


I am in a turning point...a major life change beyond any I have ever experienced.  That says a lot because I have been through some doozies in my time!  This is about health, major moves, deaths of loved ones, transformation of key relationships, name it.


I don't think that I am alone here though. We are all going through major changes of all kinds.  The most important work we can do in these times is with the energy of our own heart...getting down underneath the surface to the layers we haven't touched in a very long time.  Purification, forgiveness, surrender, faith...we see and hear these words but how long has it been since we really touched and experienced their essence down to the primal core of our being.  This is the work we are being called to do.


But it can't be done just by thinking our way through it with our intellect.  And it can't be done just by feeling our way through it with our emotions. Both of these, intellect and emotions, are just surface stuff belonging to the personality.  They are not the core.  The core is quiet and knows.   The core is our essence.  Have you ever experienced how the right music can expand your awareness beyond the linear world and allow you to touch those places of cosmic "knowing"?  That's the place I'm talking about.  I am trying to describe the indescribable here, which cannot be done.  All I can do is point to it.



We need to nurture our own hearts.  We need to nurture our God Self with our God Self. We are that which we pray to!  God is in everything and everyone...and everything and everyone is within God.


There is a wonderful healing modality we can use to help us nurture our hearts in this way that goes beyond our intellect and emotions.  It is called Reiki.  We don't have to think it to make it so.  We don't have to feel it to make it so.  All we need to do is to be present and trust that this healing energy is doing what it needs to do.



In the Tao Te Ching (Stephen Mitchell translation), it says "We shape clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside that holds whatever we want.  We hammer wood for a house, but it is the inner space that makes it livable."


While doing Reiki on my own heart chakra recently, it came to me of how this quote is so true for the heart as well.  You see, if the pot is full, then it cannot be useful to hold anything else.  It is of course useful to hold what we put in it.  But after time perhaps we no longer need what we put in it long ago.  When this is so, if we do not empty the pot, then what it contains becomes stagnant and loses energy.  When we clean out the pot, it has empty space again and becomes useful.  It is the same with the heart. If it is full of fear, resentment, guilt, shame, judgements...or even past loves we should have let go of long matter how old or long forgotten, it blocks the flow in our lives.  Sometimes we carry along judgements toward ourselves for years, continually punishing ourselves by holding on to the past. 


When we experience something now and attach the emotions of past experience to it, we are carrying that past along with us.


It is time to free ourselves of the past. We do this through forgiveness.  We must make a clear decision of will to pardon ourselves of ALL past mistakes...a clear decision to live each moment in virtue and truth for its own sake...a clear decision to live in the now in every moment...a clear decision to create and live in a new paradigm.


Some time ago Reiki gave me a healing mantra chant called Reikidama using the sacred sounds of the Reiki symbols.  I say Reiki gave it to me because that is exactly how it happened.  (You can read that story hereBelow, in the featured song section, is a three minute version of Reikidama™ taken from this 30 minute healing mantra chant.  It will repeat automatically so simply create sacred space for yourself and rather than doing the affirmation prayer, I ask you to put away any need to "do" anything other than to place your hands over your heart chakra and simply, by your own intention, allow this healing energy to nurture your heart on the deepest levels.  Allow these sacred sounds to wash over you and through you to the core of your being.  It would be more beneficial to let this three minute version repeat several times.


I have purposely kept this newsletter short to allow you to spend more time with this healing process.  So let us begin.


Let your heart be nurtured now.


Mitakuwe Oyas'in




This Issue Featuring:

From  Reikidama   

This song will be available for listening until the next newsletter issue

(approx. December 1st, 2009)


Put away any need to "do" anything other than to place your hands over your heart chakra and simply, by your own intention, allow this healing energy to nurture your heart on the deepest levels.  Allow these sacred sounds to wash over you and through you to the core of your being.   Make mental note of the subtleties that may come forth so you can contemplate them later, but for now just be present with the faith and knowing that something beautiful is taking place to help you heal on the deepest levels.  Return here to this healing mantra anytime during the next two months when you feel the need.  Alternately, you can also use the Reikidama Healing Mantra Chant video here for the same purpose.




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