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TAO/MITAKUWE OYAS'IN  Vol. 28 (October-November 2010 Issue)  


From Denean: The "Now Tao" of Commitment

This Issue's Featured Song:  "When It's All Said and Done"

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The "Now Tao" of Commitment

Have you ever wondered why it seems so difficut to stay present in the"now"? We are constantly living in our past or projecting into the future.  Everytime we do this we are missing being present to "now"...the only place we can truly live. The rest is illusion.


It is our need to know in order to control that continuously lures us away from the present moment.  The attachment is to what is known and the search to control our world through what is known is a search for security (which is also an illusion in that sense).  Aside from the understanding  of natural law and pattern, anything that can be known has already happened (past).  Stepping into the unknown is the only place of true security and that place is in the now.  That place will always be in the ever-present now.


The area we do this attempt at control the most is in our relationships: our marriage agreements and contracts of all sorts. We put a lot into a few words said as a vow or words on a piece of paper and attempt to hold the other person to them by reminding them in sometimes "not so nice" ways when they fail to live up to them.  What we really need to be looking at is the true character and virtue of the individual, or group we are making the agreement with as well as our own character and virtue.

So what is commitment really? Why do we seem to have such issues around it?  It seems most of our words/contracts end up being things we can't possibly live up to, thus the reason they are so often broken and the reason we end up with such major trust issues.


If we understood our commitments more clearly from the beginning, we wouldn't get ourselves in to such fixes!


The following is what I have come to understand the "Now Tao" of commitment to be:


1. Commitment must first be to ourselves. (We many times hold a paradigm that says we are committing to the other person without ever making the commitment to ourselves first...and thus we lose ourselves here.  This kind of commitment can never truly be maintained to endure longevity.)  Our commitment must be to the Truth always and above all else.   We are committing to ourselves to be with the other person based on the truth of our being and the truth of "what is" regarding the relationship.


These next three elements are actually contained within this first one:


   2. The commitment to a shared reality.

   3. The commitment to communicate openly and honestly.

   4. The commitment to build on the affinity that brought you together in the first place.


These three things must operate within "the way things are". If they do not, everything will become externalized, the reality cannot truly be shared, communication will break down at some point and affinity will disappear.


Commitment is about steadfastness. It's about holding something because it has the light of truth in it that both of you are agreeing to in order to keep making it work.  You do this by approaching the things that have light in them...that have life in them.


Commitment is about keeping the words alive by doing that which is real and by giving power to your words. To serve the highest virtue you must be that virtue.  You do that by giving everything back to Creator.  This is the commitment to Truth and to Self that must always be above all else.  Everything else flows from here.  Anything that compromises your ability to serve the Creator must be sacrificed, so you must be sure that the one in the relationship with you holds this same truth to begin with.


All of the above can only take place in the present the now, because the "now" is all there really is.  Commitment is about making all of your "now" moments work by always facing the light. 


Anything that refers to the future, demanding that it or the other person be a certain way is about control rather than union and thus does not contain true harmony.  It is a futile effort to attempt to control the future because the future is unknown.  Yet that is exactly what we so often try to do.  It's too scary to think of committing only to the moment because we so desparately think we need to "possess" the person we are in relationship with so we can somehow make sure they conform.  In the sense of karma, the only "control" over our future we have is by our own virtue. By commiting to the "now" you are faced with the responsibility of truly understanding the character and virtue of the person you are with.  If you truly trust them to be who they are...if you trust "who they are" to be worthy of your trust and commitment, then you have something real.  You have a foundation for a relationship of enduring and unconditinal love.


The challenge:  Can you surrender your need to control?  Can you surrender your need to control that which you could actually never control in the first place?



It all comes back to you knowing yourself, trusting yourself and loving yourself enough to live your life consistently in the calm quiet center of the heart of God...the present. 



"Present Moment"..."Now"..."The Way Things Are"...

These words may seem ordinary but the truth of them is profound.



The following is the meditation exercise I presented last month.  I am presenting it here again because the need for inner quiet and stillness in the times that are before us is so great.  It is so simple, yet sometimes the simplest of things can be the most difficult to put into practice.  The Navajo people have a saying; "It's up to you".  That is so true.  It goes along with the idea that the Tao can be pointed to but never described.  It can only be experienced.  All I can do is share this with you.  It is up to you to make it real in your life experience.

True meditation is without words.  It is the silent space between the thoughts. However, you cannot and should not force it.  To attempt to do so would bring unfavorable results.  Here is what I would like for you to try:


Let's give the mind a job since it thinks it needs one.  Using these simple phrases said slowly and silently:

"I Am"  (pause)       "Be still..."   (pause)       "...and know..."    (pause)

Bring the energy gently into your heart chakra

This is not a mantra.  Simply say the first phrase ("I Am")  slowly and silently and leave a long pause before going to the next.  Allow whatever thoughts that come up to just be there.  Do not judge them in any way.  Just accept them.  Then say the second phrase to yourself ("Be Still...") doing the same, leaving lots of space.  Then the third ("...and know...")

Now just sit calmly and silently just observing your thoughts objectively but remember not to judge them.    Acceptance is the key.

After some time you may notice that your mind wanders from this exercise to things like "what will we have for dinner"...oh, I forgot to take the meat out of the freezer!"..."I need to get up early tomorrow morning.  I hope I don't forget to reset the alarm"..."I need to order those tickets by Thursday"...etc. etc.   This is when you gently bring yourself back to the phrases and repeat the process.


Just continue to do this for about 20 minutes.  Eventually you may find yourself going into a deeper state beyond all of those thoughts.  That's good!  You can open your eyes once in a while to check the time if you need to. 


If you find yourself getting agitated, do not continue.  Just return later and try again when you are in a calmer, more relaxed state.  Be gentle.


Try to do this exercise 3 times a day making a total of 1 hour.

From my own experience  I can tell you that the change is subtle yet profound.  You may or may not notice change immediately.  But if you continue to do this over an extended period of time you will notice deep healing and changes for the better in your life. 


I would be happy to hear from you as to your experience with this if you wish to share it.

My sincere blessings to you all on this inner journey.

Mitakuwe Oyas'in


This Issue Featuring:

From  The Farmer's Daughter   

This song will be available for listening until the next newsletter issue

(approx. December 1st, 2010)

Click here to view lyrics to "When It's All Said and Done"

I chose "When It's All Said and Done" as the featured song because it carries a teaching within the lyrics that follows the theme of this newsletter.  Although it was featured about three years ago, it was just so perfect for this newsletter that I decided to feature it again. (Think of it as akin to the ancient bards and their use of story and song to share their message and teachings.)


The death of my father put me on a journey within myself to a deeply personal place of reflection about my roots and about the relationships I had created throughout my life.  It was a time of deep healing...a time of forgiveness, letting go and of embracing and accepting the grief and loss I was experiencing.  It was a time of looking at all the places I had held on to anything that was not in alignment with the cosmic order for my life.


This song begins by speaking to the story of those personal relationships that fail because we are attached to an "ideal".  Then the scope of the song broadens to the souls journey to the Truth.


You will recognize a somewhat different style to the music of The Farmers Daughter album.  It was an intensely healing journey for me personally.





Written by Denean © Denean / Sacred Earth Music, BMI

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Some time ago I learned of a procedure called Atlas Profilax which is about correction of the first cervical vertebra.  It seems this first vertebra is mislocated in 99% of all humans for some reason.  I was strongly guided to have this aprocedure done and was fortunate enough (since there are only five active practitioners in the US) to have a practitioner less than 2 hours away.  During the time of my illness, surgery, and recovery to this point I must admit that I had lost the energy for making music.  I was in a deeply internal space and was beginning to wonder if the music was ever going to come back.  Well, one of the most immediate results of the atlas adjustment was the "flipping of the switch" so to speak that turned the music lights back on.  The enthusiasm to create came back in bounds and I am already working on a new project.  No hurry, just really enjoying the music :-)  I'm very happy about that.


Much love to you all...




Thank you for your continued support of this website as a vehicle to nourish the spirit of the people.

Mitakuwe Oyas’in (Translated "All My Relations Included"),

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