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TAO/MITAKUWE OYAS'IN  Vol. 34 (Oct/Nov 2011 Issue)


From Denean: Monkey Mindlessness:  How to Become Tireless!

This Issue's Featured Song: Open Awareness


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Monkey Mindlessness:  How to Become Tireless!

Does it seem like everything is speeding up to you?  Do you find yourself feeling more and more overwhelmed by it all?  It is believed that because of certain planetary alignments and events going on in our universe that things are indeed speeding up!  Yet there is another perspective that perhaps what is speeding up is our processing of the information during these times.


The ego in this processing is like a monkey swinging through the trees.  Brian Walker describes it perfectly in Chapter 10 of his interpretation of the Hua Hu Ching (The Teachings of Lao Tzu) and also gives us the solution.


"The ego is a monkey catapulting through the jungle:

Totally fascinated by the realm of the senses,

it swings from one desire to the next,

one conflict to the next,

one self-centered idea to the next.

If you threaten it, it actually fears for its life.

Let this monkey go.

Let the senses go.

Let desires go.

Let conflicts go.

Let ideas go.

Let the fiction of life and death go.

Just remain in the center, watching.

And then forget that you are there.

When we are in our monkey mind, we think of one thing we need to do.  Then that reminds us of three other things which each may have a certain number of steps or other tasks contained within them.  Soon, even though our initial plan was to do this one thing, we suddenly feel overwhelmed because in front of us we now see ten things we need to do!


Hexagram 1 of the I Ching is called "The Creative" and gives us priceless advice on how to keep our lives in order and how to remain tireless even when we are active.  Below is the text from the "Image" of this hexagram from the Wilhelm/Baynes translation.  I have stated it in the feminine because of the positive effect on the psyche of both men and women in the balancing of male and female energies. 


The Image:


The movement of heaven is full of power.

Thus the superior woman makes herself strong and untiring.


Since there is only one heaven, the doubling of the trigram Ch'ien, of which heaven is the image, indicates the movement of heaven.  One complete revolution of heaven makes a day, and the repetition of the trigram means that each day is followed by another.  This creates the idea of time.  Since it is the same heaven moving with untiring power, there is also created the idea of duration both in and beyond time, a movement that never stops nor slackens, just as one day follows another in an unending course. This duration in time is the image of the power inherent in the Creative.


With this image as a model, the sage learns how best to develop herself so that her influence may endure.  She must make herself strong in every way, by consciously casting out all that is inferior and degrading.  Thus she attains that tirelessness which depends upon consciously limiting the fields of her activity.


Let's focus in particular on the last two sentences from this text:

 1) "She must make herself strong in everyway by consciously casting out all that is inferior and degrading."


Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, we grow accustomed to people or situations in our lives that over time have a bigger impact than we may think in either obstructing us or keeping us distracted from that which matters most in our lives.  Sometimes this occurs so subtly or gradually, perhaps over years, that we can lose sight of just how much impact it has had.  We, of course, played our part in all of this.


Sometimes it is we ourselves who do our own distracting by getting involved in too many activities and forgetting to take a step back to find our clarity so we can see what is really important and what is not.


This brings us to the second statement: 2) "Thus she attains that tirelessness which depends upon consciously limiting the fields of her activity."


Just because we can do a lot of things and perhaps do them very well, doesn't mean that we should be doing all of them.  If we are going to simplify and bring balance back to our lives, we must begin to discern what is really important and let go of some things, some people, some activities or some "whatever the case may be".


Most importantly, we need to let go of the ten thousand thoughts of monkey mind that we can become so bound up with. 

Return to stillness.

Relax the body.

Calm the mind.

Surrender the worldly to the Divine.

Cast out the inferior and degrading.

Consciously limit the fields of your activity.

  Through superior action as well as superior inaction, become

Monkey Mindless...Become Tireless!



Although most often we do an affirmation prayer here, since we are concerned with bringing the mind to stillness, let us use this time for true meditation, which can take us to a place beyond our thinking.  Begin by quieting your body.  Find a comfortable position, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to begin with to help your body relax and settle in to the process.  Your focus is simple...just watch the rise and fall of your breath.  For the most part, that is all you need to do.  When thoughts, emotions, or other sensations arise, simply acknowledge them without resistance.  Allow complete acceptance of all that you observe.  A helpful technique is called labeling.  If you find yourself lost in thought, just say "thinking" and gently return to watching the rise and fall of your breath.    Use this same technique with other sensations and feelings.  Use very general labels such as "feeling", "itching", "pain", and so on.  Try to do this for at least 20 minutes.  However, if you find yourself overcome by negative thoughts, feelings or emotions, go ahead and discontinue the practice for the moment because forcing meditation can bring unwholesome results.

Here is a link to a beautiful meditation video presented a few months ago that you may find helpful.



This Issue Featuring:

Open Awareness

From Breath of Angels Breath of Angels Album by Denean Details Page 

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(approx. December 1st, 2011)

This is the first time I have shared the inspiration for "Open Awareness".  It came from Thomas Cleary's "Immortal Sisters (Secret Teachings of Taoist Women)" where he translated a poem by Sun Bu-er and shared a commentary by Chen Yingning.  It's meaning is deep and requires much contemplation so I will only touch on a few points here.


Here is a portion of the poem:


"Sweep clear the ocean of birth and death,

Stay firm by the door of total mastery.

A particle at the point of open awareness,

The gentle firing is warm."


The ocean of birth and death is the rise and fall of the thousands of thoughts that we have in a single day...born from nowhere, then passing away.  (Monkey Mind!)


The last two lines speak to the refining of subtle energies known as "freezing the spirit" at the stillpoint between heaven and earth...where creativity and receptivity join together...


Open Awareness

...quiet stillness frozen in the everpresent now.

Written by Denean © Denean / Sacred Earth Music, BMI

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