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TAO/MITAKUWE OYAS'IN  Vol. 40 (Oct/Nov 2012 Issue)



From Denean: Shaking the Tree (Part Two)

Breath Focused Meditation

This Issue's Featured Song: "Let There Be Peace"


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Shaking the Tree (Part Two)

An intriguing tree inside a shop in Zfat, Israel...fell in love with this beautiful tree and just had to have a picture:-)

Photo credits: TANKA/Kibbutz Maagan Michael

If you recall, the last newsletter was the beginning of a series called "Shaking the Tree". What gave rise to this title was from a little book that I have been working on for a number of years called "Fruit From the Tree".  I shared with you an excerpt from that book called The Wu Wei Tree.  (You can re-read it if you wish by following the link)


As I said previously, in contemplating and re-reading these years of newsletter articles it occurred to me that this tree that I am has continued to bear fruit.  This newsletter is a continuation of "shaking that tree" to see what we find.  So let's begin.


Paradigm Shift

In life it is easy to get caught up in the destination.  But it is the journey that is important.  Sometimes we tend to view things we have to do on our path as a problem...or what stands between us and the life we want.  "When we get this done, then we can relax or be successful, or whatever".


But this is an illusion.  If we are stressed out and frantic with what we are doing in order to get to the next place, then what is the quality of life we are living?


No matter what the destination, how we get there is what really matters. 

Let me ask you this:  If you were sitting by your own grave after it's all said and done, what would your life have looked like?  Were you a person who gave priority to living...or a person who gave priority to acquiring "destinations", possessions, and end results, no matter what it took to acquire them?




About Peace

The Tao Te Ching tells us that "When there is no desire...all things are at peace". Can this be true?  Our modern world is challenged greatly by such a statement and you may find yourself challenged by it too!


But let's look at it for a moment.  We get so caught up in the frantic activity of our daily lives that we forget to ask the real questions.  Such as "Why are we on this planet this physical existence?"


We are here to learn how to express love and goodness.  That is all.

The rest are just the props and stage for us to learn.  Love is expressed in the organic world through right relationship. The "soul" purpose of our existence is to learn right relationship with ourselves, with all beings and with all things.  God is love...and we are God's means of expressing Itself.


The underlying challenge I see in human nature is the letting go of desire states for things to be different from what they really are.  These desire states are always based on a fear of loss of some kind.


When we interact with another person through perceptions created by our desires, the relationship becomes distorted.  When the day comes that the person does something that no longer fits our "ideal" version of them, our perception suddenly changes to one of betrayal by this person. Actually it is our own desire state that has betrayed us!


We desire for things to be a certain way because there is an underlying belief that if we get our desire fulfilled, it will bring us peace.  But true peace can never be found based on something external.  It is only by giving up desires that we can ever find true peace...accepting everything just as it is.  Acceptance is the key here.


Revelations of Peace

Since we are on the subject of peace, lets take it further.  We talk about peace.  We pray for peace.  We meditate for peace.  We work for peace. We dance for peace.  We hope for peace.  We long for peace...and it is all well and good that we do all of these things.


But somewhere in our awareness our soul remembers that it is Peace!

Our often misguided approach to peace is one of looking for it outside of ourselves as though a day will come when it will rain down out of the sky, all our troubles will melt away and there we will be...finally at that long awaited peace...without having to take responsibility for anything.   Nope!  It doesn't work that way.

The essence of our Divine Nature is Peace.

Calm...still...utter quiet.

But it is with years and layer upon layer of conditioning, fear, guilt, anger, resentments, confusion, passions, desires...on and on...that we have forgotten who we are...and what we are.


It is time to remember...


It is time to let all illusion fall reveal our true nature, most of all, to ourselves.  Begin with acceptance.  Let go of resistance to anything and everything.  Are you willing to do what it takes to be peace?  Are you willing to let go of anything that is not in alignment with the highest truth?


Peace is not a is a requires action...right action.  In regards to nature, peace is a time when heaven seems to be on earth and the powers of heaven and earth are in deep harmony.  All beings are thus blessed by this harmony.


In the world of man, peace is expressed as social harmony;

those in high places show favor to those beneath them

and those in lowly places harmonize with those above.

In nature, earth's effort is expressed in her being herself,

consistent with the natural order and her Divine Nature.

So to, we as human beings must turn to the Divine essence within us that already is peace

and consistently make the effort to live from this Truth.

There is a quiet light...calm and still...that lies within you

and it knows itself

as Peace.

So until we shake the tree again...

Mitakuwe Oyasi'in...May you find blessings of Peace.



As I also said before, nothing has taught me more about coming to stillness than trees.  So now, instead of shaking the tree, just go out into the forest and sit silently amongst them and listen.  That is all you need to do and you will understand what I mean.  If you cannot do that at the moment, then just imagine yourself there and come to quiet as we do the following:


Sit in a comfortable position with your feet on the floor and your back straight (it can be supported) and your hands in your lap.  Close your eyes, relax, and simply breath.  As you do so, focus only on the rise and fall of your chest or belly. Focus only on this movement of your breathing.  Sit quietly doing nothing but this.  Try to remain perfectly still as you allow your body and your mind to come to quiet.  If thoughts arise, simply observe them.  Label them if you wish, then just let them go as you gently return your focus to your breathing (use general labels such as thinking, emotion, itching, pain, etc).


Try to do this first for short sessions of 10-15 minutes gradually increasing your time to 30 minutes to an hour or whatever is comfortable to you.


Doing this once or twice daily will greatly enhance your awareness and your ability to be present to your Divine Self.


This Issue's Featured Song:

Let There Be Peace 


This song will be available for listening until the next newsletter issue (approx. Dec. 1, 2012)

The song "Let There Be Peace" from Thunder has always been one of my favorites.  Though it begins as though it is a love song between two people, you will see that it expands in its view, as the song continues, to a vision of peace for our world.


When you look into your own eyes, may you find this love song within yourself.  May it allow you to bring the "heaven and earth" of your nature together in such a way that your expression as you walk upon Grandmother's back is one of genuine Peace.



I look into your eyes...And I find heaven on this earth

I search within my heart / And I find new feelings in their birth

A love that's growing stronger / A dream that's in my view

We'll walk this earth together...Me and love

Eagle in the sky / You give your blessings to our mother / Soaring there on high

And soaring in the hearts of every woman and man who knows...

This love that's growing stronger / This dream that's in our view

We'll share her love together / We and You...We and you

In perfect love and wisdom...Justice for each

Harmony in all we do...May we live in peace

So look within your heart / And find the truth of all that is

It's not so very far / To this place of heaven's joyful bliss

This love that's growing stronger / This dream that's in our view

To live the way of heaven / In all we do...In all we do...Let there be peace

Music and Lyric by Denean

Lyrical contributions by Howard Bad Hand

© Copyright 1993 Sacred Earth Music, BMI

All Rights Reserved




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Mitakuwe Oyas’in (Translated "All My Relations Included"),

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