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TAO/MITAKUWE OYAS'IN  Vol. 42 (February/March 2013 Issue)



From Denean: Integrating Oneness and Boundaries

Breath Focused Meditation

This Issue's Featured Song: "Divine Holy Breath"


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Integrating Oneness and Boundaries

I am sure many of you have heard of the "Oneness Blessing" that is sweeping the globe. What a beautiful bless each other.  We are all one. It is true. We are at a place in the evolution of consciousness to come into a greater understanding of this through our experience as a new reality emerges. We hear teachings of oneness, limitless possibilities, and a world without boundaries.  However it is important to understand that even so, we do live in this organic world which has it's own rules if we are to be in harmony with the cosmos and with nature.  So how do we integrate these deeper truths of oneness with the world of form we live in? 


The I Ching (Wilhelm/Baynes translation) in hexagram 60 teaches us the following:


"In human life too the individual achieves significance through discrimination and the setting of limits.  Therefore what concerns us here is the problem of clearly defining these discriminations, which are, so to speak, the backbone of morality. Unlimited possibilites are not suited to man.  If they existed their life would dissovle in the boundless. 

(In other words, in the world of form you could not exist if there were no boundaries.)


To become strong, one's life needs the limitations ordained by duty and voluntarily accepted. The individual attains significance as a free spirit only by surrounding self with these limitations and by determining for self what the duty is."


We tend to believe that we have unlimited possibilities in this world of form.  But again, in the deeper teachings of the I Ching (known as The Great Treatise) we learn that actually there are exactly 4096 possibilities for all situations.  2048 of these are light...2048 are dark.  We can't decide between two things let alone 4096, so it would seem limitless!

The following video presentation is by one of my favorite physicists, Nassim Haramein.  The information contained here is so important at this time of our birthing into deeper awakening to the Divine.  I realize it is a bit long but even if you only listen to the first 30 minutes, I think you will find it profound in the understanding of the finite and the infinite and how they are related.  I am keeping what I say here short so that you have the time to devote to this important work by Nassim.

To learn more about Nassim's work visit:


Our Meditation Time

In meditation, it is important to first devote some time to the body, allowing it to relax, adjusting your position to get as comfortable as you can.  I suggest doing this first before turning your attention to the breath.  One useful technique is to send compassion and kindness to any part of the body that is uncomfortable or in pain.  Another tool is to think of the most peaceful time you can ever of those times that you were blissfully still and quiet.  For a few brief moments try to remember it in detail to recall what that felt like...then let go of the memory and just be with the sense of stillness that remains.


Sit in a comfortable position with your feet on the floor and your back straight (it can be supported) and your hands in your lap.  Close your eyes, relax, and simply breath.  As you do so, focus only on the sensation of breathing in and breathing out.  Focus only on this movement of your breathing wherever it seems to be in your body.  Sit quietly doing nothing but this.  Try to remain perfectly still as you allow your body and your mind to come to quiet.  If thoughts arise, simply observe them.  Label them if you wish, then just let them go as you gently return your focus to your breathing (use general labels such as thinking, emotion, itching, pain, etc).


Try to do this first for short sessions of 10-15 minutes gradually increasing your time to 30 minutes to an hour or whatever is comfortable to you.


Doing this once or twice daily will greatly enhance your awareness and your ability to be present to your Divine Self.


This Issue Featuring:

Divine Holy Breath

From  Calling The Sacred   

This song will be available for listening until the next newsletter issue

(approx. April 1st, 2013)


Divine Holy Breath is one of my favorite songs.  I really enjoy performing it live because I can involve the entire audience in the "ohm" and chant sections...what a beautiful energy experience we create together!


Recording it was equally a beautiful experience although technically a challenge because of all the different vocal parts that were being recorded.  In mixing all of these parts together my head was spinning.  The energy and sounds were keeping my in an otherworldly state at a time I need to be in that technical frame of mind!


Hope you enjoy it :-)




Divine holy breath of my being / Mother of life I behold

I am lived by your endless mystery / Sacred heart where I roam


The light of your flame burns within me / Illumines me now through all time

What has gone before / What is yet to come

In one sacred moment / One sacred moment

In one sacred moment, dancing free

Holy Mother, embrace me in your love / Holy Father, descending from above

Uniting in blissful harmony / Uniting in blissful harmony...

(Sacred sounds....One sacred moment)

Holy Mother, embrace me in your love / Holy Father, descending from above

Uniting in blissful harmony / Uniting in blissful harmony...


Taste now the essence of your life / Sweet holy nectar of your soul

What has gone before / What is yet to come

In one sacred moment / One sacred moment

In one sacred known...


Written by Denean

© 2008 Denean / Sacred Earth Music, BMI

News and Announcements:


Although life is still dealing me some intense personal challenges there are many gifts emerging as well. Still working on the "WIKU" project and trying to remain patient.  The universe is directing me to deep meditation a lot these days and less to technology. Sometimes that brings its challenges when the worldly things are demanding the attention to the technical.  Know that my prayers are with you daily in these times that we all are walking through.


Much love,








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