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TAO/MITAKUWE OYAS'IN  Vol. 48 (February/March 2014 Issue)



From Denean:  Water Blessing: Water IS the Blessing!

This Issue's Featured Song: "Oaya Chant (A Meditation)"

Still Water Meditation (Audio guided meditation)

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Water Blessing:  Water IS the Blessing!

By the Mediterranean in Israel 2012

Photo credits: TANKA/Kibbutz Maagan Michael

We do ceremonies to bless water.  Yes, it is both sacred and beautiful to focus our intent and align with the earth mother in this way.  But the greater understanding here is to realize that water IS the blessing.  Lakota people have always understood this.  That is the reason water is such an integral part of all ceremony.  The water is either part of the ceremony or doing without water is part of the ceremony in order to put the focus on the importance of water to human life and to all living things.  I have been in such ceremonies and it truly brings you into alignment with the profound truth that you cannot live without water.  So water indeed IS the blessing.


Water is also a great teacher.  In the Tao Te Ching (Stephen Mitchell Translation) it says "Nothing in the world is as soft and yielding as water.  Yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible nothing can surpass it." 


Be soft.  Be gentle.  Be like water.

The world teaches us aggression, competition and winning, getting there first, and getting our own way no matter what the cost.  But it does very little to teach us the way of Tao.  Nature shares with us her lessons of gentleness and she does so most profoundly through water. Have you ever sat and contemplated the nature of water by watching a babbling brook or stream?  Water doesn't force its way through the rock in the stream. It simply goes around it.  Yet all the while patiently wearing away the rock no matter how long it takes.  It doesn't get in a fight with the rock, or argue with it or try to conquer it.  It just takes the low places, moves over, under and around the rock and goes on its way.  The water never loses itself to the rock.  It completely retains its own nature.


By this same nature in some more uncomfortable examples such as tsunamis, we see the incredible strength of water and sometimes fear it immensely.  But it is still just following its nature.  It is still so soft that we cannot grasp it!


The waters on the surfaces of our planet have been sorely abused and now we suffer for it in trying to find pure water by which to nourish ourselves.  In a ceremony some years ago the message was given that if we were all drinking from the nourishing streams that still exist deep within the earth, most of our health problems would simply disappear.  After all we are 70-80% water!  Unfortunately most of us do not have access to such streams so we are in great need of finding other methods by which to nourish ourselves with good water.


Some of the challenges we face in these times may leave us overwhelmed by our seeming inability to meet them effectively.  Water is one of those challenges.  Did you know that in tap water there are over 2100 known carcinogenic toxins?  And did you know that the fluoride in our tap water comes from the toxic sludge of fertilizers!  The list of diseases caused by this poison is a long one. 


I heard an interview Dr. Patrick Flanagan did recently where he stated that distilled water is best and recommended adding minerals back to it.  In particular you might want to take a look at two of his products and the research behind them. They are Crystal Energy and MegaHydrate. Also here is a link to the story of Dr. Flanagan's Hydration and Water Research.  You can get the full WetterWaterReport at this link which gives amazing information and why Crystal Energy is important.   I really have no intention to do a sales pitch here.  I just truly believe that Dr. Flanagan and his research are a  profound gift to humanity that is understated.


Below are a couple of important YouTube videos.  The first is one called "Cures to the World".  It contains a wealth of information for us in these times:


The next video is Dr. David Kennedy giving us a lot of very good information on flouride vs iodine in regards to dental health. 



I personally am so glad I found both of these videos.  That is why I wanted to share them with you.  I realize this is a lot of information.  So just keep the link and take your time going through it if you need to do so.  It's worth it.


May water BE your blessing...




Still Water Meditation

I got inspired while I was preparing this newsletter and decided to record this "Still Water Meditation". 

Hope you like it :-)  

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This Issue Featuring:

Oaya Chant (A Meditation)

From  WIKU    

This song will be available for listening until the next newsletter issue

(approx. April 1st, 2014)

Oaya Chant (A Meditation)

from the album "WIKU" (Sun Child Returning)

As I have told the story in a previous newsletter, the Oaya Chant was given to me in a dream by the whale people.  It was a most profound experience and has deepened my connection both with them and with the deep waters.  Since this issue is about water I thought it an appropriate choice for the featured song.  I chose to use the long meditation version (10:15) to give you the opportunity to meditate with it more deeply if you do not yet have the album.

May it bless you as it has blessed me...


Written by Denean

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