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TAO/MITAKUWE OYAS'IN  Vol. 49 (April-May 2014 Issue)



From Denean:  The Heart of the Matter

This Issue's Featured Song: "There Burns the Flame"

Guided Meditation

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The Heart of the Matter

Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman

Over the past year or so I have been going through a tremendous transformation in consciousness and I am feeling led to attempt to share with you.  I say "attempt" because we can never really share our own subjective experiences.  But perhaps there may be something of this offering that acts as a portal for you in your own conscious evolution.


When I say "the heart of the matter" I am meaning it very literally both in terms of the human heart and in terms of matter.


This transformation was a period of intense upheavel in my personal life.  I was profoundly drawn to spending an enormous amount of my time in deep silent meditation, removing myself from the external world as much as possible and bringing everything to quiet.  Through this practice I touched gentleness in a way as never before...a place of  absolutely no aggression ...a place of profound peace.  Through this time I also began having flashes of insight into the nature of reality...not just "ahha" moments but rather split second experiences of a completely different paradigm of what life is about.


Some of these experiences were most shocking!  I was shown that reality as we perceive it in our day to day lives is only real to the extent that it gives us a constant opportunity to express love and goodness.  I saw into the structure of the dream state we live in and saw it for what it is...and for what it is not.  Nothing in my world will ever be the same.


I have spoken of these things before and sung about them for years but never have I understood it more clearly than from this direct experience.  For some things there just are no words.  But we try...



Using a movie as an analogy: It is made up of thousands upon thousands of images that are sequenced together and played at such a high speed that it gives the illusion of fluid movement.  But it is all made up of images...and those images are made up of pixels.  And those pixels are simply dots.


If you have a deeper understanding of physics in relation to matter, you know that the same is true of our own movement.  When you move your arm, it looks like a fluid movment of this thing you call your arm.  But in reality it is assimilation, dissimilation, assimilation, dissimilation on and on, of matter at such a speed that we experience it as moving our arm. 


What was shocking for me about this was that I began to realize how closely our earthly existence and experience is to this movie example.  Through this understanding, I began to see a very different reality underlying all existence of organic life. Just like form blinks in and out, so do we as humans and what we perceive as our "self", our "life"...our is only a blink in the greater picture of The Great Mystery.


Within this transformation time I went through a period of great remorse for things in my life that I wished I had done differently...judging myself for wasted years.  But when I went into a deeper intuitive state, a message came very clear. That message was "It doesn't matter.  None of it matters.  So everytime you are troubled by it, remember that none of it matters.  The only significance of "past" is what you learned from it that allows you to express love to a greater capacity now.  Nothing else matters"


I was so challenged by all this but to my amazement, I began to experience it this way as I would apply this guidance to the things that were troubling me.  And those troublesome things began to fall away naturally.  I had found a place of true forgiveness.


To further the movie analogy, I began to see that life is really very much like a movie.  I began to understand it in a profound way especially regarding forgiveness of self.  Just as you go to a movie, enjoy the movie, perhaps cry at the movie.  You leave the theater and leave the movie behind to go on about your day and your life.  I began to understand the need to do the same in regards to life.  This understanding allowed me to detach from the past "whatever it was" and stay in the present moment.  In doing so, this returns things to their source and that is true are free.  You become "light" because you have released those dense burdensome attachments that keep your "light" in the shadows of that past.


From this place of detachment it is easy to see just how true it really is that we are all here to learn how to express love and goodness...all the rest is just the props and the stage. This is truly all there is.  What we did yesterday or ten or twenty years ago only matters in regards to how we learned from it to be able to love ourselves and others right here right now.


Here is a quote from the video below where physicist Nassim Haramein talks about this heart connection from the scientific perspective.


"...There is a physical place inside your heart that has a singularity.  Your heart has a little cavity between the two ventricular of the heart and that little cavity has the highest electromagnectic field of your body.  It can be measured up to 8ft away from you.  That is the battery of life that keeps your heart going. When you die, that singularity is no longer present..."  Nassim Haramein


And here is another very good clip from Gregg Braden about the importance of the human heart.




So  love is the "heart" of the "matter" (the form). 

May this sharing open portals for you that lead you to greater awareness and love.

Mitakuwe Oyas'in...we are all related,



Guided Meditation

We will use this short guided meditation to clear our mind and return to stillness.

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This Issue Featuring:

There Burns the Flame


This song will be available for listening until the next newsletter issue

(approx. June 1st, 2014)

There Burns the Flame

I hadn't picked a song before writing this newsletter.  But as I listened to "There Burns the Flame" from the Thunder album, I was amazed at how beautifully it describes what I have been talking about in this article.  I am amazed and filled with joy and gratitude at the clarity of perception now in regards to those words that flowed through so many years ago. Thank you Great Spirit.


May the flame burn brightly within you,


Somewhere deep inside of you / Burns the light of sacred truth

Can you find it / Can you find the flame

'Tis a journey you must make / On your own to that holy place...Inside you

There burns the flame

Mysteries of another world / Hid beneath the veil

Infinite universe / Within you prevails

There burns the flame

Spinning on the sacred wheel / Of this life / Find what's real

Look beyond the form...for there burns the flame

Radiant light shining through / May heaven's way come forth in you

Deep in your heart / There burns the flame

Wheel of life, teach us now / To walk the crimson road

Bringing forth to this world / The light of the soul

There burns the flame

Somewhere deep inside of you / Burns the light of sacred truth

Can you find it / Can you find the flame

Inside you / There burns the flame

Can you find it / There burns the flame

Deep inside you / There burns the flame

There burns the flame / There burns the flame

Written by Denean

© Copyright 1993 Sacred Earth Music, BMI

All Rights Reserved

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