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TAO/MITAKUWE OYAS'IN  Vol. 52 (October November 2014 Issue)



From Denean: 

The Boundless Power of Limitation

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The Boundless Power of Limitation

Grand Lake.jpg
"Grand Lake". Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons.

I Ching (Wilhelm-Baynes Translation) Hexagram 60 Chieh / Limitation

Tui   the Joyous, Lake

(This of course applies to women too!)



Water over lake: the image of LIMITATION

Thus the superior man

Creates number and measure,

And examines the nature of virtue and correct conduct.


A lake is something limited.  Water is inexhaustible.  A lake can contain only a definite amount of the infinite quantity of water; this is its peculiarity.  In human life too the individual achieves significance through discrimination and the setting of limits.  Therefore what concerns us here is the problem of clearly defining these discriminations, which are, so to speak, the backbone of morality.  Unlimited possibilities are not suited to man; if they existed, his life would only dissolve in the boundless.  To become strong, a man's life needs the limitations ordained by duty and voluntarily accepted.  The individual attains significance as a free spirit only by surrounding himself with these limiitations and by determining for himself what his duty is.

Some time ago I came upon a statement to the effect of "limiting your choices as though your life depended on it".  I have been contemplating this for a while since then and have found that applying this simple discipline has brought profound positive changes.  Yes, it is could use this in a negative sense of what Hexagram 60 of the I Ching refers to as "galling limitation" where you can lose sight of the expansion that sometimes opens you to greater possibilities.  But what I am referring to here is about simplifying your options.  Doing this can bring clarity, order and focus to your life.


Too many options can be stressful and send us right into overwhelm! We see it everyday.  In days gone by we could go shopping for, say an appliance, and have at most two or three options to choose from.  Now we have a seemingly infinite variety of brands, models, and colors to choose from. On the web, we go to a page to look at one item and are shown a list of many other similar items right on the same page.  Sometimes that can be a benefit, but most of the time it's just too much!!


As stated above, Hexagram 60 says "...unlimited possibilities are not suited to man; if they existed, his life would only dissolve in the boundless.  To become strong one's life needs the limitations ordained by duty and voluntarily accepted..."  Now let's talk about that for a moment.  We have a tendency to look at "limitless" as "good" and "limited" as "bad" because of the association of limits with the idea of being restricted, controlled, or having to conform.  Our emotional nature (ego) sometimes just wants what it wants, whether it is good for us or not.  It doesn't like having to conform to any limitation whatsoever because in doing so it feels threatened.  


But let's take this deeper and take the judgement of "bad" off of limits for a moment.  What if those very limitations...the ones we voluntarily choose to accept...were the very things that could bring simplicity, clarity, order, focus and harmony into our experience?   And what if the lack of those limits were the very thing bringing stress, overwhelm, confusion, and complexity into our lives? What if this is true and we just haven't recognized it because of our emotional resistance to the idea of "conforming" to anything?  Does this change your perspective a bit?


I hear so many times in spiritual work, the reference to the infinite and boundless and many times referenced as though we are not limited or bounded in form in any way.  But this is not true in the sense of our organic, physical existence as we have just been shown through the teachings of the I Ching.  We actually do not have infinite unlimited possibilites in this world of form.  For form to exist in the first place there must be boundary.  Without boundary nothing could exist in the physical world.


According to the deeper teachings of "The Great Treatise" within the I Ching, we have exactly 4096 possibilites for all situations.  2048 of those are light and 2048 are dark.  We get overwhelmed with six or seven possibilities so yes, the idea of 4096 does seem limitless.


So perhaps there is need of a "structure"...a "container" or a "rule" in our thinking that by our own will we choose to limit the number of options to pick from.  Perhaps we need a commitment to ourselves to simplify in this manner in order to bring greater clarity and harmony into our lives.


I invite you to at least give it a try.  This is something you can apply to almost anything in your life: too many clothes, too many email accounts, too many subscriptions...the list itself can go on and on!  As I have worked with this over the past few months, it has been a catalyst of much growth.  The moment you limit your options, the ego comes up informing you emotionally with the sense of loss.  But remember, you are not your emotions and they should not rule you. If through your own inner guidance you awaken to a greater inner truth that guides you to the clarity and order that can be experienced through applying the necessary discipline of appropriate limits, then it may require exercising some "inner strength muscles" along the way.  Remember the guidance of Hexagram 60: "To become strong, a man's life needs the limitations ordained by duty and voluntarily accepted."


I titled this newsletter "The Boundless Power of Limitation" because I have come to recognize in my own experience just how freeing this practise really is.  It is why Hexagram 60 goes on to say: "The individual attains significance as a free spirit only by surrounding himself wth these limiitations and by determining for himself what his duty is."  In other words in this world of form, the boundless power of a free spirit is attained through voluntary limitation...another paradox of life!


To integrate understanding the infinite and the finite and how they coexist you may

want to watch the video presentation by physicist Nassim Haramein in this newsletter:

Tao/Mitakuwe Oyas'in Vol. 42 Integrating Oneness and Boundaries

Much love in your journey with this!


Mitakuwe Oyas'in,




So let's simplify our meditation time too

by just closing our eyes and listening to this audio meditation:


Still Water Meditation



This Issue Featuring:

Denean Interview with Caroline Wise King - Shaman’s Keep


I just finished putting some visuals to a radio interview I did July 5, 2013 with Caroline Wise King of Shaman's Keep (LA Talk Radio).  A lot of the focus of this interview is on Fire Prayer and we played several songs so I hope you enjoy it.


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