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TAO/MITAKUWE OYAS'IN  Vol. 53 (December 2014-January 2015 Issue)



From Denean: 

Weave a New Dream: Unified Physics and a New World View

Guided Meditation

This Issue's Featured Song: "Weave a New Dream"

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Exploring Unified Physics

Delegate Level One: Exploring Unified Physics

Registration Now Open for Spring 2015

Weave a New Dream: Unified Physics and a New World View

Some weeks ago I began a very excitiing journey by being a part of the Pilot Course for Delelgate Level One: Exploring Unified Physics with The Resonance Project Foundation's Resonance Academy (founded by Nassim Haramein). We've been working out the "kinks" getting it ready for you!  The course begins in the spring of 2015 and you can register now at the link above.  This is a college level course and it is not for the faint of heart...but well worth the effort.


So what is "Unified Physics"? I have tried to come up with a simplified explanation when I get those puzzled looks as to "what am I talking about?"  In what we know as our "modern physics" (the predominant view in the scientific world at the moment) there have been some problems, both at the quantum level and at the cosmological level.  There are unresolved issues in the math leaving many unanswered questions and some unresolvable differences between the two in how things work.  Unified physics however is resolving many of these problems and is showing beautiful solutions in simple elegant equations that bring clarity, focus and hope for the future in an inspiring way.


My reasons for going through this course come from a more spiritual/philosophical perspective than scientific, however, and I have found that I am not alone.  There are many of us there coming from just such an intention.  It has been brought to my awareness just how much the dominant scientific view effects our overall world view and how that has been manipulated by the "powers that be" just as religious views have been.  All so that a few may control the many.  From my perspective however...the few are not succeeding!


In this process of study I began to take the information to a place of looking at how it affects my own life and world view.  By doing so I move it into an experiential place which is easier to integrate and make it my own.  I would like to share a few examples with you here.  Maybe they will make a connection with you too.


One scientist from the past we have studied is Descartes.  There were some particular misconceptions that were embraced that have left a lot to be rectified!



Descartes Misperception #1:  The Universe is comprised of material objects that can best be analyzed by continual reduction of the objects into smaller parts that make it up."


Look at how we dissect our lives into "parts" rather than seeing our life as a unified whole.  Take our bodies, for instance, especially with the western medicine view, treating the parts as though they are separate from the whole.

Another example might be something you do with work that may seem totally separate from that problem you are having somewhere else in your you sleep; how you eat; how you feel; how you relate to those around you. 


What we see here is the need for a wholistic approach towards all that makes up our life as we know it.


Descartes Misperception #2: We can therefore seek to find the root cause or source of matter by looking for every smaller fundamental particles.  Do you remember the newsletter article I did some time ago with the video by Nassim Haramein in regards to showing how infinity can exist within a contained boundary?  I am putting it here yet again because it is so important for our shift in consciousness.  Rather than always seeking to find the root cause by analyzing a problem to death (therefore always having the focus on the problem rather than the solution), perhaps a better approach is to look toward the "whole" of your life and let it lead you to the solution.  And that answer lies in the infinity that exists within you....what I've been singing about all these years :-)


The following video presentation is by physicist, Nassim Haramein.  The information contained here is so important at this time of our birthing into deeper awakening to the Divine.  I realize it is a bit long but even if you only listen to the first 30 minutes, I think you will find it profound in the understanding of the finite and the infinite and how they are related. 


Descartes Misperception #3:  Objects in space are independent entities, separate from each other and independent of the space in which they exist.  A good example here on a personal level is the perception of isolation which is a great concern in our current world.  It is a belief that one can be, or is isolated, thus the experience and paradigm of isolation and feeling "cut off" and separate.  If only those individuals who are suffering in this "isolation" could truly understand that in the big picture, they couldn't be "isolated" if they tried!  Oh to understand our connectedness and live in harmonious relationship with it.  Imagine the healing that would occur.


I hope you will take the time to contemplate your own life and how to better see it as a unifed whole.  I am deliberately keeping this on the short side in hopes that you will take some time and listen to the above least listen to the first 30 minutes or so.  Nassim is humorous, entertaining and engaging in his presentations so I think you will enjoy it.


Much love and blessings to you all during this Holiday Season

Mitakuwe Oyas'in,




We will use this short guided meditation to

clear our minds and return to stillness


Still Water Meditation


This Issue Featuring:

Weave a New Dream


This song will be available for listening until the next newsletter issue

(approx. Feb 1st, 2015)


This is absolutely one of my favorite songs.  It certainly fits the theme of a new world view and understanding our connectedness.  Everytime I sing this in public people start swaying to the music or dancing.  I just love that.  Makes me dance too :-)  I think I have some footage of this one from Israel.  I will try to get that up on YouTube sometime soon.

Artist Note:  The paradigm is shifting...our Earth Mother is birthing us into a new reality.

Let go of the past.  With soulful intention weave a new's up to you to make it a good one!

Weave a New Dream

Walking in beauty, walking in balance

Feel her heart beating with each breath you take

Our mother, she is birthing a new world before us

Align with her light now and weave a new dream.

Heyayaha heyaya heyayaha heyaya heyayaha heyaya weave a new dream

Heyayaha heyaya heyayaha heyaya heyayaha heyaya weave a new dream

Sacred flame burning, hearts are returning

To the mystery awaken and weave a new dream

Weave peace before you, weave peace around you

Weave peace within you...weave a new dream

Heyayaha heyaya heyayaha heyaya heyayaha heyaya weave a new dream

Heyayaha heyaya heyayaha heyaya heyayaha heyaya weave a new dream

Hum...weave a new dream

Hum...weave a new dream

Heyayaha heyaya heyayaha heyaya heyayaha heyaya weave a new dream

Heyayaha heyaya heyayaha heyaya heyayaha heyaya weave a new dream

Written by Denean

© Copyright 2013 Denean /  Sacred Earth Music, BMI

All Rights Reserved

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