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TAO/MITAKUWE OYAS'IN  Vol. 54 (February-March 2015 Issue)


From Denean: 

More on Unified Physics and the Resonance Academy

This Issue's Featured Songs: "Crossing the Event Horizon" and "There Burns the Flame"

New Video!


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Exploring Unified Physics

Delegate Level One: Exploring Unified Physics

Registration Now Open for Spring 2015

More on Unified Physics and the Resonance Academy

In the last newsletter, "Weave a New Dream: Unified Physics and a New World View", I shared with you about a pilot course I was taking with The Resonance Academy called "Exploring Unified Physics".  I have since completed this course for Delegate Level One and I am now officially a "delegate" for the academy.


If you would like to review the previous newsletter, you can do so here: Go to Vol. 53 Tao/Mitakuwe Oyasin


Upon completion of the course, we were asked by the Academy to do a "selfie" video sharing our experience. Since we had to limit it to three minutes for their purposes, I decided to do an expanded version so I could share a little bit about what led me to create the song and music video "Crossing the Event Horizon".  As Nassim Haramein (founder of the Resonance Project Foundation) has expressed many times, planet earth and her inhabitants are in the eleventh and a half hour and one of the most important things we can do is to shift our world view and consciousness to a higher way of being.


I would like to share with you both the extended video I just did and also the music video of the song "Crossing the Event Horizon".  I know some of you have seen the music video before, but perhaps it will resonate with you and ignite greater understanding as you watch it again.




 Wiku (Sun Child Returning) 432hz album by Denean 


I have observed as I am sure you have too that in recent weeks in particular, all of us seem to be stretched to the limit...too much to do and too little time.  Because of this I am simplifying this newletter to the messages in the videos and music and my appeal to you to consider taking this course if you feel guided to do that.  I just can't express enough how life changing it can be.  Yes it is a lot of studying and work and that takes time but it is oh soooo worth it :-)


Much love to you all...


Mitakuwe Oyas'in,




One of the things that initially drew me to Nassim's work was his understanding of the need for stillness and meditation.  I am adding a short video here where he is discussing meditation so that you can get a feel for the depth of this amazing scientist.  He is truly a gift to humanity in these times.  It was so awesome in our classes for him to lead meditations and to see this entire staff of scientists meditating!!

Here is a mp3 of a guided meditation I found online which is led by Nassim. 

(Someone added the background track.  I would have rather had a version without the track but couldn't find it anywhere.)

Push the play button below.

This Issue Featuring:

There Burns the Flame


This song will be available for listening until the next newsletter issue

(approx. April 1st, 2015)

I featured this song some time ago, but it fits so perfectly with what Nassim is discussing in the video on meditation that I decided to feature it again.  It has always been one of my favorite songs for the very reasons he's talking about:-)




Somewhere deep inside of you / Burns the light of sacred truth

Can you find it / Can you find the flame

'Tis a journey you must make / On your own to that holy place...Inside you

There burns the flame

Mysteries of another world / Hid beneath the veil

Infinite universe / Within you prevails

There burns the flame

Spinning on the sacred wheel / Of this life / Find what's real

Look beyond the form...for there burns the flame

Radiant light shining through / May heaven's way come forth in you

Deep in your heart / There burns the flame

Wheel of life, teach us now / To walk the crimson road

Bringing forth to this world / The light of the soul

There burns the flame

Somewhere deep inside of you / Burns the light of sacred truth

Can you find it / Can you find the flame

Inside you / There burns the flame

Can you find it / There burns the flame

Deep inside you / There burns the flame

There burns the flame / There burns the flame

Written by Denean

© Copyright 1993 Sacred Earth Music, BMI

All Rights Reserved

News and Announcements: 


My almost 90 year old Mom will be undergoing knee relacement surgery on Monday, Feb 2nd.  Your prayers and healing energies would be most appreciated.  She has an awesome attitude and is such a resilient woman!

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