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TAO/MITAKUWE OYAS'IN  Vol. 55 (April-May 2015 Issue)



From Denean: 

The Tao of Mni (Water): The Source of Life!

Guided Meditation

This Issue's Featured Song: "Song to the Mother"

News and Announcements:


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The Tao of Mni (Water): The Source of Life!

Mni (pronounced meh-nee') is the Lakota word for water but it means so much more.  The origins of the word "mni" comes from two words. "Mi" is a word that shows possession as in "mine".  It usually goes before another word.  "Ni" means "life" or "breath".  So together "mni" means "my life"..."my breath".  Another way to say it is "water is my life".


Lakota Elder Wallace Black Elk said, "Ni means "breath of life", so mni identifies that water is Lakota it is identified with the life."


(Interesting fact:  Minnesota comes from this language.  "Mni" (water); "ota" means "many" or "shota" means "smoke".  So it seems to have a dual meaning of "many waters" or "smoky waters". )


Special thanks to Howard Bad Hand for his help with the Lakota language.  Another interesting fact is that both of these Lakota elders received their altars as medicine men in the same ceremony.

Mni has been calling me in many ways. Over the years, you have heard it in songs such as "Song to the Mother" from Fire Prayer, and "Like Water" from The Farmer's Daughter, "Let the Rains Come Down" from Calling the Sacred, an album filled with thunder and rain, and then again in the "Oaya Chant" on Wiku.  In the case of the latter, not only mni, but our sacred relations that live in the big waters (mni tanka..."tanka" means "big").  I have written more than one newsletter about water and talked about it in others as well.


I have sat and observed mni in rivers, streams and oceans and allowed mni to be my teacher. Each time it has graciously given me the answers I was seeking. 


The Tao Te Ching (Stephen Mitchell translation) says "Nothing in the world is as soft and yielding as water.  Yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible nothing can surpass it."


The teachings of mni include humility, patience, modesty, flexibility, nonviolence, acceptance and "flow".  It guides us to live life "Like Water". 


For humility and patience, in Chapter 8 of the Tao Te Ching we find this:

"The supreme good is like water.

Which nourishes all things without trying to.

It is content with the low places that people disdain.

Thus it is like the Tao."


There are many who think that humility is a weakness, but as we can see from mni, humility is instead one of our greatest strengths.


And here's another example of patience in Chapter 15: 

"Do you have the patience to wait till your mud settles and the water is clear?"


Mni demonstrates the lessons of flexibility, nonviolence, how to adapt, and how to never lose oneself in this passage from an earlier newsletter:


"The world teaches us aggression, winning, getting there first and getting our own way.  But it does little to teach us the way of Tao.  Nature shares her lessons of gentleness with us most profoundly through water.  Have you ever sat and contemplated the nature of water by watching a babbling brook or stream?  Water doesn't try to force its way through the rock in the stream.  It simply goes around it.  Yet all the while patiently wearing away the rock no matter how long it takes.  It doesn't get in a fight with the rock, or argue with it or try to conquer it.  It just takes the low places, moves over, under and around the rock and goes on its way. The water never loses itself to the rock.  It completely retains its own nature."



In the I Ching the image of water is used many times.  Two of the six trigrams that make up the 64 Hexagrams of the I Ching are of water.  One is contained water, the Lake; the other is Deep Water, or "The Abysmal" as it is called in the Wilhelm-Baynes Translation. The latter is not contained and represents water that comes from above and is in motion on earth in streams and rivers as well as the deep ocean waters. 


In a ceremony some years ago, the message was given that if we were all drinking from the nourishing streams that still exist deep within the earth, most of our health problems would simply disappear.  I distinctly remember it being said that this was even a greater concern for those of us in the US. 


Unfortunately most of us do not have access to such streams and even if we do find streams that were once nourishing, there are so many pollutants in the environment in so many forms that it seems that most of the waters to which we have access are contaminated in some way.  


The waters of our precious Earth Mother have been sorely abused and we all suffer for it every time we drink and bathe in toxic water.  According to Dr. Patrick Flanagan's "Wetter Water Report" there are 100,000 toxins in the enviroment and over 2100 known carcinogenic toxins that cause cancer in US drinking water!  And did you know that the fluoride in our tap water comes from the toxic sludge of fertilizers?  The list of diseases caused by this poison is a long one. Oh to find water that will truly nourish us!  Our bodies are made up of 70-80% water, so when we drink inferior water, we are truly harming ourselves.  But stay with me here...this is about to get way better!!


Some of you might remember from my Israel sojourn that I visited the Qumran Caves.  I was guided to sit in a mikvah at those ruins.  This guidance came from a dream I had many years ago in which Wanikiya (Jesus) had told me to go to a pool where I would meet him and other ascended masters.  I later discovered that the pool I was seeing in my dream was a mikvah (a pool used in Jewish tradition for spiritual cleansing and purification).  Click here to read more about the dream and it's connection to my journey to Israel.


I sat in that mikvah and meditated, asking for whatever message I was suppose to receive there.  The message came very clearly that upon my return home, I was to seek a deeper relationship with water.  Since my return I have done just that and my journey with mni has been a sacred one.

Photo credits: TANKA/Kibbutz Maagan Michael


I have had a profound connection with mni ever since my return from Israel because I knew I was being led to something.  I began to get intuitive insights that many of the answers we seek in our world are going to be simple: shape; color; sound; movement; light...these were where the answers would be found...or rather I should say are being found...unfolding everyday.  It gives great hope toward a bright future ahead.  It is the new dream we are all weaving together.


And now for some really good news.  I was recently led, again by water itself, to a product that is amazing. 


Maybe you have heard of structured water.  I had too, but I had no idea of the blessing I am coming to understand now and am sharing with you.  In understanding that water (mni) IS life and that I am made up of 70-80%, what I am seeing for myself is not only the profound benefits of this water on my physical health, but a restructuring, if you will, of my life as a whole.



The device I am introducing you to was created by inventor and founder of Natural Action Technologies, Clayton Nolte.  Below is a really good video explaining about these structured water devices, how and why they work. I am so moved by this product and what it means for this planet that I have made a decision to become a distributor.  With as much as I have going on with music that is a big decision but it is mni...water that, like a "divining rod", is pointing me here very clearly and emphatically!   In the near future I will be adding some pages and the ability to purchase here on the website, but in the meantime, if you feel so inclined to purchase one of these amazing devices, I would be grateful if you would do so through me;-)  Much appreciated in helping me to get started!  Just send me an email through my contact page.  You can browse to learn more about the various products at the Natural Action Technologies website by clicking on the image to the right or the link below it.


Please know that whether I am a distributor or not, I would still be telling you about this product because I see it as a true gift to our planet in these times.  Music industry is a bit of a challenge these days and yes, it could help to balance some things, but when it's all said and's about mni!




You know how sometimes you can meet someone and instantly know you are in the presence of a really good human being? After meeting Clayton by phone and having one of those immediate "heart connection" conversations, I am here to tell you he is definitely one of those special beings.  That's why I love this product so much...because I know the commitment, dedication and vision Clayton has for this planet and humanity and I know all of that love went into the years of research and development to bring this profound gift to all of us.


“My mission is to make Structured Water™ available to every man,

woman and child on this planet in my lifetime.”  óClayton Nolte 


There is so much to learn and so much that can be said about this device and its many applications that it isn't possible to go there without turning this newsletter into a small book!  So I will just leave you with the basics for now and save some of that information for the dedicated pages I will be creating soon.  Do take some time and explore the Natural Action Technologies Learning Center to discover more in the meantime.


Mitakuwe Oyas'in,



Still Water Meditation

"Do you have the patience to wait till your mud settles

and the water is clear?"


Still Water Meditation


This Issue Featuring:

Song to the Mother


This song will be available for listening until the next newsletter issue

(approx. June 1st, 2015)

I remember when this song came.  I was walking by a beautiful river and I just started singing to Grandmother.  Fire Prayer being my first album on this healing path, those times were filled with such vibrantly potent healing energies.  I was in a great life transition so I certainly was in need of the healing.  Mni was speaking to me even then.


I walk your sacred ground

Healing waters I have found

Rivers flowing strong and deep

Wash away your tears

Mother, I hear your cry

I feel your every sigh

I have come to comfort you

Round the medicine wheel.


Written by Denean

© Copyright 1991 Sacred Earth Music, BMI

All Rights Reserved

News and Announcements: 


As I have already mentioned, I plan to have pages up soon for the Natural Action Technologies Products...will keep you posted:-)


I had asked for your prayers for my Mom previously.  I am happy to report that she is doing great!  It's been a long journey of recovery but she's definitely getting there, charming and inspiring everyone around her along the way :-)


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