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TAO/MITAKUWE OYAS'IN  Vol. 58 (Oct-Nov 2015 Issue)



From Denean: 

20/20 Hindsight: Honor the Life You Have Lived

Awareness of Breath Meditation by Ajahn Brahm

This Issue's Featured Song: "Truth Behind Those Eyes"

News and Announcements: New Album in the Works!!


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20/20 Hindsight:  Honor the Life You Have Lived

"Making yourself wrong for something you did in the past and continuing

to hold that judgment against yourself only increases your attachment to that past." 

In recent months I have had a renewed commitment to myself to lead a more "minimalist" life. It has been a major transformation in letting go! As I began going through possessions and whittling them down, one possession at a time, I began to realize that I was on a profound spiritual journey like no other I had been on before.


I began to observe very carefully every thought and feeling that would arise within me to block me from my quest. In some instances it seemed like some invisible force firmly holding me back.  Yet of course I was the only one truly blocking my own way.


I am quite sure for each of us this path would look very different according to our own world views about money, possessions and worth. Not only the value placed on the possessions, but our own self worth and how it is intricately woven into the fabric of our world view.

Oh how good we have become at looking back at our lives and making ourselves wrong for things we have done or decisions we have made. Usually this comes after other events have unfolded to show us a different path.


There was a time when certain beings in my life were making me wrong no matter what I did.  I use to call this 20/20 hindsight because it was only after I had made some decision and then the demands of the time changed, that they could "see it more clearly" shall we say and "if only I had done it the other way" etc.  With hindsight in this negative sense you will never be right no matter what you do!


In my journey with letting go of possessions l began to notice the subtleties arising in my mind about how some possessions "seemed" more valuable to me than others. Some of that value was "monetary"..."how could I just give that away when it was worth so much" or when I judged myself as having "wasted" so much money on it.  The attachment that was blocking me began to emerge. There it was...the old version I use to call 20/20 hindsight...yikes!  I was doing it to myself!


I'm telling you this part of my experience because by carefully observing my inner process, it led me to a greater truth that is critical in truly letting go of the past:


Making yourself wrong for something you did in the past and continuing to hold that judgment against yourself only increases your attachment to that past.  


This form of hindsight will only work against you.  If you don't remember anything else in this newsletter may this one thing be etched in your heart and mind and carry you on the wings of eagles to your greatest healing to be truly present in the now.  For this is where we must live in the times that are upon us if we are to maintain any sense of balance in our lives.


In Hexagram 18 of the I Ching (Wilhelm-Baynes Translation), it tells us that there is indifference and inertia that have resulted in stagnation, which implies guilt.  This condition of guilt demands removal of the cause.  The cause for this state of corruption is the abuse of human freedom.  Sometimes by others.  But if this is how we have learned to treat ourselves, then we can be abusing our own human freedoms!


So in a pratical sense, how do you "correct your vision"? It is important to look at why you took the action or made that particular decision in the first place.  Most likely you were acting to the best of your ability at that time in order to be correct.  There is a word used frequently in Buddhist and Taoist teachings: "impermanence".  Nothing stays the same.  Times change and with this, the demands of the time change as well.  And as the demands of the time change, so do our decisions.  Perhaps if you look closely you may see that your path was not wrong at all for that particular time.


All of us have places where we can improve our character and behavior, that's for sure. But to forever cast this negative hindsight of making one's self wrong is futile and is an illusionary story we have made up against ourself.  Perhaps it was done to you...or perhaps you have done it to others.  It is time to forgive.  It is time to love ourselves like we have never loved before.  It is time to embrace and accept everything about our lives that has led us to now and shaped who we are.  It is time to give ourselves 100% support and acceptance.  It is the only way to truly release our attachments to the past. It is time to shift the paradigm...shift the focus and live only here...right the present moment.


By now we are seeing more clearly and begin to realize that our view and perception of our past is coming into focus in an entirely new way.  We have found our way to true 20/20 hindsight!



Forgive, release, love, accept, respect... Let your 20/20 hindsight be just that.  View your own life with the eyes of an eagle.  With devotion to the truth, honor the life you have lived.


Mitakuwe Oyas'in,

I would like to share with you an inspiring talk from the Christian perspective

by Joshua Becker on "Minimalism, Spirituality and Why it Matters"   Enjoy!


I found this beautiful being a few years ago via the internet. 

He is a Buddhist monk who has a monastery in Western Australia. 

Clear mind, beautiful heart, full of light...and delightfully funny :-)


Awareness of Breath Meditation

A meditation class led by Buddhist Monk, Ajahn Brahm

Length: 1 hr 4 minutes


Saturday Meditation - Awareness of the Breath

Ajahn Brahm

This Issue Featuring:

Truth Behind Those Eyes


This song will be available for listening until the next newsletter issue

(approx. December 1st, 2015)

When I began to contemplate the most appropriate song for this newsletter, "Truth Behind Those Eyes" from THE FARMER'S DAUGHTER album announced itself quite clearly.


As I recall I was listening to something from author/medical intuitive Caroline Myss that inspired this song but I can't remember specifics.  The deeper inspiration for the album as a whole came through my healing process in grieving the loss of my father.  The "flavor", if you will, of The Farmer's Daughter is very different from my other work for this reason.  It was an honoring of my roots. 


If you have lost someone dear to you, may this song bless you in your healing journey...





Here I am, alone with myself, just my will and me

Uncharted waters before me now, the face of destiny

Oh mirror staring back I see, the truth behind my eyes

There comes a time when every soul must finally realize

Realize...the truth behind those eyes

It's always just a choice you know; will you fly or fall

Perceptions from a victim world, don't mean a thing at all

Do you wear the face of woundedness or leave it in the past

What reflection do you choose to see, in the looking glass

It's time to let go...of the past

And the angels say...When you pick up your bed and walk directly to the light

We'll help you  as your wings unfold, be with you in your flight

Live your life with a peaceful heart, let the love begin to flow

Teach this to your fellowman, that's all there is to know

All there know...       


Written by Denean

© Copyright 1998 Sacred Earth Music, BMI

All Rights Reserved

News and Announcements:


Wow!! I guess my biggest news is that a new album is well on its way!  I still have a lot to do before releasing it, but there is also a sense of urgency in regards to the times we are in.  I'm just doing my best to stay focused and balanced so that nothing is compromised in its completion but also that it gets completed in a timely manner.  So stay tuned! 

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