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TAO/MITAKUWE OYAS'IN  Vol. 59 (Dec 2015/Jan 2016 Issue)



From Denean: 

In Money We Trust:  Coming Home to the Truth

Still Water Meditation

This Issue's Featured Song: "Eagle in My Heart"

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In Money We Trust:  Coming Home to the Truth

Recently, via the internet, I happened upon a couple of people I would like to introduce to you.  Both of these individuals have quit money!  Now both of them will tell you themselves that theirs is not the path everyone should take.  But what I have found through their example has touched me profoundly.  It has stirred something deep. 


For some, their path may cause intense provocation.  It may do that for you too.  But what I see here is that they and others like them have followed a calling at this time on our planet that through their example can help to alleviate fears in the face of the serious economic and social challenges at hand.  They challenge us to look deeper within ourselves to our own humanity and they give us hope that when our current economic structure fails, we will live through it and there is a bright future beyond it if we replace the paragidm of competition and greed with one of working together and helping one another.  We must learn to value our true worth...our humanity and our equality.


So the first person I would like to introduce you to is Daniel Suelo, known as "The Man Who Quit Money".  Rather that me telling you about him, let's let him tell the story himself in this video interview:


Next is Heidemarie Schwermer from Germany.  Heidemarie was born in 1942 in Memel (former East Prussia). During World War II, she and her family came as refugees to Germany, where she grew up. She worked as a teacher for almost 20 years, before she left her position and became a psychotherapist.  Below is a 52 minute documentary film about Heidemarie called "Living Without Money" with English subtitles. Such an inspiring lady.


One of the things common to both of these individuals is their ability to trust life know that when they are in harmony with life, it will support them always.  As I began to deeply and truthfully contemplate just what it would take to do what they are doing, I immediately came face to face with my own fears and limitations in my ability to trust so completely.  It allowed me to see just how much we have our faith in this illusion of money rather than God as we know it, even though that is what we may claim; lip service versus real trust in action.


In another article by Daniel, he pointed to a documentary which goes into depth as to the illusion and deception of our current monetary system.  It has three parts and is a real "eye opener"!  Money as Debt: The Truth About Money (Parts 1, 2, and 3)


As I said in the beginning, it is not necessarily about doing what Daniel and Heidemarie have done so much as shifting our paradigm from debt/credit to "paying it forward", freely giving and receiving, helping each other with an open heart, taking only what we need and coming to a geniune embodiment of "In God We Trust"...not money!


The solstice is soon upon us.  In the I Ching it signifies a time of the return of the light.  May it  be a return of the light in each of us to a greater understanding of trusting life and serving the highest Truth.  It is through serving this Truth with devotion that we serve humanity in the most appropriate way.


Hexagram 42 (I Ching-Wilhem Baynes Translation) says "A sacrifice of the higher element that produces an increase of the lower is called an out-and-out increase: it indicates the spirit that alone has power to help the world."


Mitakuwe Oyas'in,



Still Water Meditation

"Do you have the patience to wait till your mud settles

and the water is clear?"


Still Water Meditation


This Issue Featuring:

Eagle in My Heart


This song will be available for listening until the next newsletter issue

(approx. February 1st, 2016)

Each time I am deciding which would be the most appropriate song for this section, I sit in silence, contemplating the message of the newsletter and allow my inner guidance to show me what that song should be.  This time I went into the space of what it would be like to do what either Daniel or Heidemarie have done by conscious choice, and allowed myself to be guided to the song that most expressed that sense of complete abandonment of the illusion of "my control over anything" and complete immersion into the Divine Presence sustaining all life.


This song, Eagle in My Heart from THE FARMER'S DAUGHTER came into view so clearly.  I began to play it, closed my eyes and opened my heart.  When tears began to flow from my own music I knew I had picked the right song.


You see, originally when this song was created was the time soon after the passing of my father.  As many of you may know, when you lose a parent or any loved one close to you for that matter, everything changes.  The veil becomes thinner for a time and one can see things in a deeper, more profound way than at other times.  It takes you deeper into your own humanity...into that place of complete surrender.


May this song touch your heartstrings and vibrate its resonance deep within you that you may surrender with complete abandon to what it means to truly trust life...may it do the same for me as well...may we all offer this prayer for all our relations at this time on the planet for whatever they may be going through...(the Syrian refugees come to my mind and heart)


Mitakuwe Oyas'in....we are all related...



Let the wind blow through my hair

Let the eagle in my heart fly

What will be, let it be

Set the wild horse free...and fly

Eagles were made to soar the heavens

They grace us with the wonder of their presence

And I don't have the right to keep one from her flight

This eagle in my heart now must

Let the fear and pretense like a robe fall to the ground

That I no longer need to hide behind

I stand here naked in the light on this mountain in the sight of God

And dare to dream my dream

Then give it to my maker...give it wings

Bless it while I hold it in my hands

Then set it free...give it wings

Eagles were made to soar the heavens

They grace us with the wonder of their presence

And I don't have the right to keep one from her flight

This eagle in my heart now must

Let the fear and pretense like a robe fall to the ground

That I no longer need to hide behind

I stand here naked in the light on this mountain in the sight of God

I stand here naked in the light on this mountain in the sight of God...




Written by Denean

© Copyright 1998 Sacred Earth Music, BMI

All Rights Reserved

News and Announcements:


As you may know, since the last newsletter, I have been uploading YouTube videos from one of my Israel concerts in 2012.  I just uploaded another one right before sending this out!  This one is "Walk in Balance" from Fire Prayer. As I mention in this latest video I ask you to help me decide on something...shall I call you "Denean Tribe" or "Denean Oyate" (which means Nation).  So I want to include you too even if you aren't subscribed to my YouTube channel.  Just send me an email or reply to the newsletter email if you wish.


I have also added a special page here on the website just for those concert videos which you can access through the following link or in the multimedia section.  The new one is posted there too.  Enjoy!


Denean-Israel Concert 2012 Videos


YouTube Israel Concert Playlist

May you have a very blessed Holiday Season :-)

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