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TAO/MITAKUWE OYAS'IN  Vol. 60 (Feb-Mar 2016 Issue)



From Denean: 

Making Friends with Time:  Be the Boundary!

This Issue's Featured Song: "Weave a New Dream"

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Nassim Haramein in Barelona 2010

Making Friends with Time:  Be the Boundary!

Does it feel like time has speeded up to you?  I think this holds true for all of us.  Just not enough "day" to get it all done!  From this paradigm of "trying to get it all done in time", there is an element of trying to control time.  Pushing, stressing, working too hard...all "uptight" because going as fast as we can and working as hard as we can, we just can't control it.  Now, more than ever there is the need to make friends with time.  Let's look at how to do this through boundary.



A question you may have heard me talk about before is "What does it mean to trust life?"  Let's apply that here for a moment.  In regards to time and finding enough of it, what does it mean to trust life? 


When we are trying to respond to all of the demands coming at us all at once, we can easily move into a space of making those demands upon ourselves;

"I need to get this done now!"

"I need to get that done yesterday already!!"

and so on...we feel the stess and pressure rising.

How would we like it if it were someone else saying that to us...demanding all of those things?  We wouldn't like it very much at all!  We would feel that they were being very unkind and unreasonable.


When we are stressed and uptight, it restricts the flow of energy in our life.  Looking at life externally all around us we may wonder why certain things are not flowing, all the while looking outward from an internal place of stress and restriction within our own body.  However, the energy in the flow of life around us will reflect that same restriction that is going on inside because they are not really separate.


To shift out of this restriction one of the things we must do is to make friends with time.  First of all we must realize and accept if we have taken on more than is humanly possible and set some boundaries with ourselves and likely our relationships too!  In fact we must "be" the boundary.  Have you ever been in circumstances where you feel your voice is not heard and the boundary you spoke with your words was not respected?  Likewise have you ever not listened to the voice within you and not respected it yourself because you "just had to get this or that done"?


"Being the boundary" requires decision of your will to actually take actions on things like:


1. Living life relaxed


2. Moving at a slowed down easy pace and making time for those things that will move you toward balance.

(Note: Balance is an active state, not a destination.  We are either moving toward balance or away from balance.  So open your awareness to recognize more quickly which direction you are headed.  And if you are headed in the wrong direction, turn around!!)


3. Limit your options as though your life depends on it because the "quality of your life" does depend on it!


These are just a few of the positive actions you can take, but you get the idea.

As many of you may know, I am a student of and delegate for the Resonance Academy, part of the Resonance Project Foundation, founded by physicist Nassim Haramein.  The academy is all about the study of unified physics.


Resonance Academy

Even before the Academy, one of the things I learned early on from Nassim's work was the demonstration of how infinity is expressed within a confined boundary and never ever exceeds the initial boundary that was set in the beginning.


Throughout my study of unified physics I am always observing how it applies to my personal life.  By doing so I make the information my own through my own experience. For a while now I have observed that as communities form sharing a common deeper understanding of oneness, the issues of boundaries still arise.  To work together in the harmony of our oneness, clear boundaries are absolutely necessary and how we express those boundaries is equally important.


As I observed this I kept remembering Nassim's demonstration of infinity within a boundary.  I came to the conclusion that infinity cannot exist without boundary and boundary cannot exist without infinity.  Recently I was watching a talk Nassim was giving and I heard him state the exact conclusion I had come to, almost word for word!


"You can't have infinity without finite boundary and you can't have finite boundary without infinity" 

Nassim Harramein

Here is one of the videos where Nassim describes this so beautifully.  This is part 1 of 6 and all of it is awesome!.  However, if you wish to go directly to the part I am referring to here, it starts at about 24 minutes in.


So why is unified physics and sacred geometry a part of our discussion about making friends with time?  Because the setting of appropriate boundaries for ourselves based on our inner truth will bring order to our "overwhelmed and out of control" relationship with time.  We are taking the unified physics and geometry into the personal to make it real!  In this way we make it our own because we have a personal experience with this truth.


In the excerpt below from the I Ching (Wilhelm-Baynes Translation) Hexagram 60. Chieh / Limitation: "The Image" says it best.  It uses water over a lake as the image to express this truth. 





Water over lake: the image of LIMITATION.

Thus the superior man

Creates number and measure,

And examines the nature of virtue and correct conduct.

A lake is something limited. Water is inexhaustible. A lake can contain only a definite amount of the infinite quantity of water; this is its peculiarity. In human life too the individual achieves significance through discrimination and the setting of limits.  Therefore what concerns us here is the problem of clearly defining these discriminations, which are, so to speak, the backbone of morality. Unlimited possibilities are not suited to man; if they existed, his life would only dissolve in the boundless. To become strong, a man's life needs the limitations ordained by duty and voluntarily accepted. The individual attains significance as a free spirit only by surrounding himself with these limitations and by determining for himself what his duty is.

May this help you in making peace with and friends with time.  May a deeper understanding of the importance of clear boundary bring order to your world and assist you in the consciousness of trusting life!

Mitakuwe Oyas'in,



Still Water Meditation

"Do you have the patience to wait till your mud settles

and the water is clear?"


Still Water Meditation


This Issue Featuring:

Weave a New Dream


This song will be available for listening until the next newsletter issue

(approx. April 1st, 2016)

By truly understanding that oneness (our infinite nature) and boundary (our individual expression) are both threads of the same tapestry, we begin to crystalize a profoundly deeper connection in our awareness of our own Divinity.


"Weave a New Dream" quickly became one of my personal favorites.  It was created dancing around the room singing, swaying, spinning, and connecting in song to that infinite nature.  When I perform it, I love seeing the audience dancing and swaying in their seats...connecting too :-)





Artist Note:  The paradigm is shifting...our Earth Mother is birthing us into a new reality.

Let go of the past.  With soulful intention weave a new's up to you to make it a good one!

Weave a New Dream

Walking in beauty, walking in balance

Feel her heart beating with each breath you take

Our mother, she is birthing a new world before us

Align with her light now and weave a new dream.

Heyayaha heyaya heyayaha heyaya heyayaha heyaya weave a new dream

Heyayaha heyaya heyayaha heyaya heyayaha heyaya weave a new dream

Sacred flame burning, hearts are returning

To the mystery awaken and weave a new dream

Weave peace before you, weave peace around you

Weave peace within you...weave a new dream

Heyayaha heyaya heyayaha heyaya heyayaha heyaya weave a new dream

Heyayaha heyaya heyayaha heyaya heyayaha heyaya weave a new dream

Hum...weave a new dream

Hum...weave a new dream

Heyayaha heyaya heyayaha heyaya heyayaha heyaya weave a new dream

Heyayaha heyaya heyayaha heyaya heyayaha heyaya weave a new dream

Written by Denean

© Copyright 2013 Denean /  Sacred Earth Music, BMI

All Rights Reserved

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