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TAO/MITAKUWE OYAS'IN  Vol. 61 (Apr-May 2016 Issue)



From Denean: 

Article: Resistance is Futile:  Acceptance Heals

Featured Song: "Calling the Sacred Spoken Prayer"

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Resistance is Futile:  Acceptance Heals

Remember Star Trek Next Generation and the Borg?  The Borg...I know, what a creepy analogy!  But here we are using that phrase in a very different way.  "Resistance" is what causes all of our problems and thus truly is futile!


One of the most profound ways to shift the energy in any troublesome situation is to go within and truthfully ask this question of yourself:  "Am I in the energy of resistance or acceptance?"



The Tao Te Ching (Stephen Mitchell Translation) speaks to us of acceptance throughout its simple but profound wisdom.  When contemplated deeply, its words become a portal to the infinte wisdom already within you.  Let us look at some passages about acceptance:


From Chapter 22: 

"If you want to become whole let yourself be partial.

If you want to become straight, let yourself be crooked.

If you want to become full, let yourself be empty.

If you want to be reborn, let yourself die."

If you want to be given everything, give everything up."


From Chapter 29:

"The Master sees things as they are, without trying to control them.

She lets them go their own way, and resides at the center of the circle."


From Chapter 30:

"The master does his job and then stops.

He understands that the universe is forever out of control, and that trying to dominate events goes against the current of the Tao.

Because he believes in himself, he doesn't try to convince others.

Because he is content with himself, he doesn't need others approval.

Because he accepts himself, the whole word accepts him."


From Chapter 38:

"The Master doesn't try to be powerful, thus he is truly powerful.

The ordinary man keeps reaching for power, thus he never has enough."


From Chapter 64:

"Therefore the Master takes action by letting things take their course.

He remains as calm at the end as at the beginning."


The teaching here is about acceptance of "what is". We must put aside desire for what we want a situation to be...or fear of what it is not.  It's simply a matter of looking at the truth of the reality of a situation and embracing and accepting that truth in the stillness of our deepest knowing.


Acceptance is a vital key to forgiveness. For through forgiveness we open the "flow" to life giving energy. We tend to put up great resistance in order to block ourselves from looking at the truth because the truth is not always "comfortable".


There is a sacrifice in coming to acceptance.  This sacrifice is the letting go of all the things we think our resistance is going to bring us, such as the following examples:


  • Illusion of satisfaction of getting to indulge in remaining angry.

  • Getting to continue to blame "them" so we don't have to go deeper.

  • Holding on to our illusions of "emotional justice", which is not justice at all.  It's just another attempt to "get even".

  • Getting our own way regardless!


These are sacrifices we must be willing to let go of to align with Divine Will in peace and true healing through acceptance.


If we want to live consistently in a state of such peace, we must also come to realize acceptance / resistance as "structural".  In other words, the content doesn't matter.  How important or unimportant the situation is is irrelevant.  How right or wrong you think you are isn't the point.  We are talking about the basic structure of how you choose to express your you choose to change your relations with yourself and thereby with everyone and everything around you.


When you are sitting in front of your computer and some program starts to update itself in the middle of what you are doing, slowing you down, do you relate to it with resistance...or acceptace?  Do you embrace it or curse it?  When the traffic is backed up and you are going to be late...and you just CAN'T be late, how do you relate to the situation?  When your child or mate won't listen no matter how many times you tell them, what is your relationship to the situation?  Acceptance or resistance?  Do you understand why I am saying it is structural?  In every situation resistance is futile!!  Acceptance, on the other hand, brings the clarity of truth, the path to healing and the action to take to get there.


If your "flow" is blocked in any area, look to acceptance to open the flow and dissolve the obstruction.  When we think of nourishment, food may come to mind.  But one of the most effective ways to truly nourish yourself is through unconditional acceptance!


Allow acceptance to heal you right now.

Mitakuwe Oyas'in,



Still Water Meditation

"Do you have the patience to wait till your mud settles

and the water is clear?"


Still Water Meditation


This Issue Featuring:

Calling the Sacred Spoken Prayer


This song will be available for listening until the next newsletter issue

(approx. June 1st, 2016)

Dear Ones,


My heart is full of this prayer for you.  Since it is in the Lakota language, I am putting the translation below.  Perhaps read through it first and then just listen with your heart.


I always "live" through various levels of the story behind each album.  Little did I know when creating Calling the Sacred and offering this prayer that in about a year from that time I would be facing serious illness where this was absolutely my prayer to the depths. 


I am happy to say that prayer was profoundly answered and I am here to share this with you.  Answered prayers come in complete surrender.


Go live in joy!

Mitakuwe Oyas'in


Calling the Sacred Spoken Prayer



Wanin wacinye.

Wanin wacinye, Tunkasila.

Omakiyaye.  Unsimalaye.

Iyuskinyan, wanin wacinye.

Wakan Oyate eya ob,

Mita wocekiya yuha waci wa u we.

Wowinyuskin yuha, wanin wacinye.

Wowinyuskin yuha, wanin wacinye.

Mitakuwe ob iyuskinyun wanin kte.


Tunkasila / Tunkasila

Wanin wacinye / Wanin wacinye




I want to live.

I want to live, Grandfather.

Help me.  Have compassion for me.

Joyfully I want to live.

With a sacred people,

I come dancing my prayer.

With joy, I want to live.

With joy, I want to live.

Joyfully I and my relations will live.


Grandfather / Grandfather

I want to live / I want to live

Written by Denean

(Lakota Language Consultant: Howard Bad Hand)

© 2008 Denean / Sacred Earth Music, BMI

News and Announcements:


Well, on the personal front my Mom is 91 today and will be having a second knee replacement surgery on April 11th after two surgeries last year.  She's a trooper :-)  Appreciate your prayers!


I also want to let you know that I just posted a new YouTube video. Another from the Israel Concert with special guest Neta Aloni.  Check it out right here:



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