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Article: Gaia's Prayer: The Album and the Rest of the Story!

Featured Song: "Gaia's Prayer"

News: Gaia's Prayer is Here!


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Gaia's Prayer: The Album and the Rest of the Story!

First of all I am celebrating the release of my new album, Gaia's Prayer!!  I sent out an email to you guys a short time ago but it seems there was a "glitch" in the distribution system that caused a delay getting it over to iTunes, etc.  All is well now as far as I can tell.  Here's the details page for Gaia's Prayer if you want to check it out:

Gaia's Prayer

Gaia's Prayer Lyrics

This is the third newsletter in a continuation of the story of Gaia's Prayer.  If you haven't read the other two, to get the whole story, follow these links:


The story leading up to the birth of Gaia's Prayer

Teachings from Gaia



With that said, we will continue now with this story.  In that same spring of 2014 I was led to a website of one who was to become a dear friend.  His name is Kiara Windrider from India.  It is not ordinarily in my nature just to contact someone "out of the blue" but I was compelled to do so with Kiara.  He replied within 15 minutes!  What I learned is that he already knew of me through my music.  It turns out that he had spent many years in the US and while living in Mount Shasta, he used to drive around listening to "The Weaving".


What unfolded in 2014 was that Kiara ended up coming to the US that fall and one of the places he spent time was a community about an hour down the road from me called Hummingbird.  So we made the arrangements and I ended up spending time at Hummingbird myself, getting to know Kiara and this beautiful community of amazing people.  It was at this gathering that I first introduced the earliest version of the Gaia's Prayer song.   


During the period leading up to our meeting at Hummingbird,  I had been exploring and practicing a profound energy work that Kiara was teaching.  It is called "Ilahinoor" which means "Divine Light" in both Turkish and Arabic.  The gift of Ilahinoor was in part given to Kiara one day when he was out swimming with dolphins.  As I remember the story he told me, a huge whale came up about twenty feet beneath him and gifted the knowledge and understanding of Ilahinoor through an energy transmission.  This resonated so deeply with me because of my own experience with the whale people in the dreamtime.


You see there is a heartbeat at the center of our galaxy, and approximately every 11,500 years we experience this "pulse".  We are experiencing it now through the earth changes and potential polar shift possibly already occurring.  But this time is also accompanied by a spiritual renaissance, if you will, which we are also currently going through.  What Ilahinoor does is to bring light more fully into the physical body and help to deeply ground us with Mama Gaia's magnetic field. I have found this to be ohhh so true.  I have been doing this since 2014 and I can tell you that I most times just stay calm and centered, simply observing the world around me going through it's chaos.  It's not to say that I don't have challenging times too...I do.  But they are grounded in a calm center.  My is profound!


As "Gaia's Prayer" was unfolding, I was guided to do the energy transmission of Ilahinoor through the use of sound.  Ee-ahh-ee-oo is the sacred sound of "Ilahinoor".  In "Gaia's Prayer" (14:56 in length) you will hear this as a mantra chant subtly mixed in with the whales and their song. I also sing these sacred sounds interspersed throughout the main vocals.   On the "Ilahinoor Whale Song" (26:38 in length) I alternate with the word Ilahinoor and the sacred sounds  while making space for the whales to share their magnificent song and transmission as well.




As you may recall, in the story of "Wiku" my previous album, the whale people had come to me in the dreamtime gifting me with the  "Oaya Chant" but also requesting to sing not only with me but with the eagle and the wolf as this was something they could not achieve in nature.  I was never able to integrate the eagle and wolf in that piece but boy did it ever find it's place in this album!  What I discovered, quite by accident was that there are places where the whales were making sounds that were indistinguishable from the wolf...same pitch same was amazing!  Then the same thing happened with the eagle.  I couldn't believe my ears.  I just happened upon the right place where they were doing this.  This was their true singing with the eagle and wolf.  They knew it long before I did.  You will hear them in places where you can tell that it is a wolf or the eagle, but know that they are also singing along with the whales in other places where you can't tell them apart.  This was astounding to me!

So I have covered the story of the first and last tracks on this album (Gaia's Prayer and Ilahinoor Whale Song).  Now lets look at the other tracks for a moment. 


"Ilahinoor-Divine Human" expresses the understanding of Ilahinoor through song.

Kiara is a very prolific writer who gathers much scientic information to support the knowledge and wisdom that he shares.  There are two specifics books he has written that were an inspiration to me.  The first, "Year Zero: Time of the Great Shift" goes deeply into the detail of what is going on in the Universe that brings us to this time and what is likely to occur.  The second book is called "Ilahinoor: Awakening the Divine Human".  This book is more specifically about the practice of the Ilahinoor energy work.


"Gaia I Am" is expressing Gaia's point of view from the essence of what she is and what you are!

As many of you know I am a long time student of Unified Physics and the Resonance Academy founded by physicist Nassim Haramein.  The lyrics of Gaia I Am express through the language of the unified field.  I love this song!  Gotta have some dance music in there :-)

"Mni Chant" was inspired of course by "Mni". This is a word I have talked about before and also discuss in the "Tao of Mni Natural Action Water" section of my website,  Mni (pronounced meh-nee') is the Lakota word for water. "Mni" comes from two words. "Mi" is a word that shows possession as in "mine".  It usually goes before another word.  "Ni" means "life" or "breath".  So together "mni" means "my life"..."my breath".  Another way to say it is "water is my breath".  So Mni Chant is the celebration and expressing of just that!  Another song that's easy to learn and that will make you dance around the room:-)


"Gaia Speaks" is a short interlude leading us back into the Ilahinoor energy of the closing track, Ilahinoor Whale Song, which is a 26 minute meditation to bring the album to its completion.


This has been such an extraordinary journey for me and I hope I have been able to convey and share at least some of that process with you in this story and of course in the music itself.  For all the words, it is truly the music that comes the closest to sharing experience.   May it bless you!

Mitakuwe Oyas'in,



Gaia's Prayer will be the featured song

and the meditation.

This Issue Featuring:

Gaia’s Prayer


This song will be available for listening until the next newsletter issue

(approx. October 1st, 2016)


Lyrics and Translation

This prayer is sung in Lakota

ee-ahh-ee-oo (sacred sounds for “Ilahinoor” which means “Divine Light” in Turkish and Arabic)

Gaia: from the Greek word yaia (gaia) meaning Earth or Mother Goddess of the Earth


Tunkasila, Tunkasila

Unci Maka, Unci Maka

le miyeye...le miyeye

Wakan Tanka, Wakan Tanka

Unci Maka, Unci Maka

le miyeye...le miyeye

Wiconiki unsi wala ye.

Unci Maka, le miyeye unsi malaye...

unsi malaye

Wiconiki unsi walaye...unsi wala ye...unsi wala ye.

Tunkasila, Tunkasila.

Unci Maka, Unci Maka

Oh Gaia...le miyeye

Unci Maka, Unci Maka

Oh Gaia...le miyeye

Wiconiki unsi wala ye. Wiconiki

unsi wala ye...unsi walaye...unsi wala ye

Wiconiki unsi wala ye. Wiconiki

unsi wala ye...unsi wala ye

Tunkasila, Wakan Tanka, Unci Maka... Unci Maka...Oh Gaia,

le miyeye

Unci Maka...Gaia...Miyeye

Mitakuwe Oyas'in

English Translation:

Grandfather, Grandfather

(deeper translation is "all that has come before)

Grandmother Earth, Grandmother Earth.

This is who I am! This is who I am!

Great Spirit, Great Spirit

Grandmother Earth, Grandmother Earth

This is who I am! This is who I am!

I have compassion for life...which conveys “I love all that lives”

Have compassion for me, the mother who gives life.

I have compassion for life...which conveys “I love all that lives”

“I love all that lives”... “I love all that lives.”

Grandfather, Grandfather

(deeper translation is "all that has come before)

Grandmother Earth, Grandmother Earth,

Mother Goddess of the Earth. This is who I am!

Grandmother Earth, Grandmother Earth,

Mother Goddess of the Earth. This is who I am!

I have compassion for life...which conveys “I love all that lives”

“I love all that lives”... “I love all that lives.”

I have compassion for life...which conveys “I love all that lives”... “I love all that lives”

Grandfather, Great Spirit, Grandmother Earth...

Grandmother Earth...Oh Mother Goddess of Earth,

This is who I am!

Grandmother Earth, Mother Goddess of the Earth...This is who I am!

We are all related.

Written by Denean

(Lakota Language Consultant: Howard Bad Hand)

© Copyright 2016 Denean /  Sacred Earth Music, BMI

All Rights Reserved


Mitakuwe Oyas'in,

News and Announcements:


Well my biggest news has already been stated of course.  I hope to get some videos going for this new album...just haven't had the time.  But they will be coming :-)


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