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Article:  Space Odyssey:  The Epic Journey to Understanding Who and What You Are

Featured Song: "Ilahinoor-Divine Human" from Gaia's Prayer

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Space Odyssey: The Epic Journey to Understanding Who and What You Are

Odyssey.  Now what exactly is an odyssey?  The definition I found calls it an epic journey.  Space.  Well let's look at that part for a moment.  Did you know that an atom is 99.9999% space?  For a typical human of 154 pounds there are almost 7*1027 atoms (that's a 7 followed by 27 zeros!) Another way of saying this is "seven billion billion billion."  That's a lot of atoms and a lot of space!



We now know that consciousness has more to do with the space around us (and within us too for that matter) than what's inside our brain.  One of the reasons I love unified physics so much is that we go into things like understanding "oneness" from the perspective of science. It is taking what many of us have known spiritually all along and putting it in a framework of scientific perspective.  Then when you experience the two merging...awesome!  For myself, what I find through this study is an expansion in my spiritual awareness and a new language for my intuition to utilize.  The main reason I began this study in the first place was my intuition guiding me there with a knowing that it would take me into this very expansion.  And did it ever!


We also look at the fact that "space" as we have previously understood it is not empty at all but is full!  It is the 'place' of consciousness and it is the very thing that connects us all to each other.


Then there is the truth of the "matter".  When you move your hand for instance, the tiny particles that comprise your hand continuously disassemble and reassemble at an incredibly fast rate.  It's giving you the illusion that you are moving something solid.  But matter is not solid and everything is energy!


I guess I have been contemplating this long enough now that my perception of reality is changing dramatically.  It is an understanding that "I" am more the space around me than I am the body/personality I have known myself to be and have identified with all of my life.  I am not making the body less here.  We do live in this temple here on earth and must honor it.  What I am saying is that we are not confined by it through this understanding. 



I have also been reading a life changing book by Greg McKeown called "Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less".  I will just mention a couple of key points, though there are many.  One, the idea that we can have it all or do it all is a lie!  The sooner we can accept this one the better able we will become at determining what is truly essential and important to us for a good life.  And through doing this we! 


The second point is that when we are only responding/reacting to our world to make the decisions we make each day, then it is the agenda of other people and situations who are dictating the life we live.  I know that sometimes this can be a tricky one in certain circumstances that we may find ourselves in with our relations.  But the point is to make peace with our circumstance by taking responsibility for our part in it.  Then it becomes the choice we are making.


What I am finding through the disciplined practice of doing less by doing what is essential, is a clarity and openness. In our hurry up world, by thinking we can do it all, we have forgotten how important the space is to creating a sense of order in our lives and in our minds.  The undisciplined "response/reaction without intention" to the options we are presented with has a far greater impact on all areas of our lives than we may realize.  And it indeed does take discipline to change our ways.



So when you weave experience of the truth about space (both kinds we have discussed here) and the truth about matter into the tapestry of your knowing, the result is definitely a "Space Odyssey" epic journey into who and what you really are. 

May these words inspire you toward your own epic journey...your own Space Odyssey 2016!

Mitakuwe Oyas'in,


I want to share something very special with you and it goes perfectly with this newsletter article. The long awaited film from the Resonance Science Foundation, "The Connected Universe" just had the premiere in LA on Sept 26!  So here is the trailer.  I can't wait to see this!!  It is narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart.  How awesome to have Captain Jean-Luc Picard on board this film!  Put it on full screen and enjoy :-)


If you are interested in becoming a part of the Resonance Academy we would love to have you.

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This Issue Featuring:

Ilahinoor-Divine Human


This song will be available for listening until the next newsletter issue

(approx. Dec 1st, 2016) 

Sharing another song with you from Gaia's Prayer.  I dearly love this song.  Something fascinating about the recording is that the song dictated the production.  Ilahinoor means "Divine Light" and it was as though some things that I might hear in my head for the production of this piece would end up seeming too "heavy".  It was like playing "light" and it requred that I weave all of the elements in a certain way that expressed that light. The closest I can describe it is that it was like shaping light. It was a very delicate process but an amazing and oh so beautiful experience.


(Ilahinoor means “Divine Light” in Turkish and Arabic)

Ilahinoor, Ilahinoor, Ila...Ilahinoor

Ilahinoor, Ilahinoor, Ila...Ilahinoor

Year of the circle. Beginning again.

Spiraling, spinning. Old ways now must end.

Gaia, Gaia

This is your time.

Gaia, Gaia

Gift of light divine.

Ilahinoor, Ilahinoor, Ila...Ilahinoor

Ilahinoor, Ilahinoor, Ila...Ilahinoor

Cocooned in deep slumber. Threads of our own light.

Weaving Ilahinoor. We're Gaia's dream tonight.

Gaia, Gaia

This is your time.

Gaia, Gaia

Gift of light divine.

Dream....oooh, Dream, aahhh

Awake from your slumber, butterflies of light.

Stretch your new wings now. It's time to take your flight.

Homo luminous, it's what you've now become.

Homo luminous, awake Divine Human.

Homo luminous, it's what you've now become.

Homo luminous, awake Divine Human.

Ilahinoor, Ilahinoor, Ila...Ilahinoor

Ilahinoor, Ilahinoor...

Awake Divine Human.

Our new world now is born.

Written by Denean

© 2016 Denean / Sacred Earth Music, BMI

All Rights Reserved.

Here's another Israel Concert 2012 video for you.  This one is "All of Life is a Circle" from Wiku.  Enjoy!

News and Announcements:


I just learned recently that the company that created the software I have used to develop my website for at least the last ten years will no longer be supporting or updating this software.


What this means is that I have to completely rebuild/redesign my entire website. Yikes! However, the good news is that I have finally got a sense of direction for the new website and it will be awesome when I get it done. Although I have given my website a "new look" from time to time over the years, this is the first time for a complete transtion from the ground up.  This will bring many changes which I will let you know about as it goes along.  It's still a little pre-mature to go into that yet as I am not sure myself.  Just wanted to let you know that changes are coming...good ones!!


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